Buryats’ Ancestors Crossing the Lake Baikal. 1984

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Ochirov Tsyren Namzhil. 1925-1987. Buryatia

Born and lived in the village Mochsokhon (Buryatia). Having finished the teachers’ courses in 1939 worked as a teacher in his native village for 25 years. Was enthusiastic about studying and collecting materials on the history of Buryat people, founded the ethnographical museum in his village. During the ethnographical expeditions he made a great number of graphic studies of the objects. Later executed big compositions after memory and imagination. His ink drawings are made with calligraphic elegance and documentary accuracy; they show the scenes of Buryat every-day life, festivals, epic heroes and the episodes of the recent history.

Buryats’ Ancestors Crossing the Lake Baikal. 1984

Paper, ink. 57 ő 82

Private collection