Wedding. 1970

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Nikiforov Ivan Mikhailovich. 1897-1971. Moscow region

Born in the village Monakovo near the town Vereya (Moscow province) in the peasants family. Studied for 2 years in the village school, then sent by his parents to Moscow to earn for living, there he worked at the chocolate factory, at the saddler’s shop, as a cargo-man, lived in the doss houses. Participated in the World War I, was at the front, after the revolution joined the Red army. Worked as a craftsman, was the Head of the collective farm. In 1930-ies settled down with his family in Pushkino (near Moscow). In 1942 got injured and became disabled while working as a cargo-man on the railroad. Lived with his family in a tiny lodge, surrounded by the rails. There, since retired in 1960, started to write the novels about his life with illustrations made with ink and watercolour on the wrapping paper and sheets of wallpaper. His family-members tried to stop him, they burned his novel and many drawings, but he went on. In 1967 Nikiforov’s watercolours were first presented at the All-union exhibition of the amateur artists, with the generous support of the artist from Pushkino V.Andrushkevich, in 1971 - at the first personal exhibition, yet, posthumous. Dominating in his works is contour, elaborated drawing, which was further coloured with gouache or watercolour. Most of Nikiforov’s drawings are arranged in the sets: «Old Moscow», «Old Village», «My Life», series of illustrations to folk songs and romances. Nikiforov is unanimously regarded by the experts as one of the best 10 naive artists in Russia.

Wedding. 1970

Paper, watercolour. 40 õ 70

Private collection