Portrait of A.Y.Protasov

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Unknown artist of the second half of the XVIII century

Portrait of A.Y.Protasov

Oil on canvas. 91 х 69

Inscription on the paper, held by Protasov: Приказъ Коммисiи <...> установленiяхъ <...> долицъ. Words on the letter on the table, partly concealed by painting: Гсдрю моему Алекса(н)дре ... ичу <...> благородию Пра <...> Почтеному Гдну ...гвардиi Капитану По <...> дворя <...>.

Inv. ЭРЖ-1876

Entered the collection in 1948; earlier in Garin’s collection.
Protasov Alexander Yakovlevich (1742-1799), Senator, Governor-General in Novgorod (1782), chevalier-governor in the court of HRH Great Prince Alexander Pavlovich (1783), General-lieutenant (1793), Active Secret Councillor (1798).