Portrait of N.I. Tishinin. 1758

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Berezin Ivan Kozmich. 1721-1784

Portrait painter. Lived and worked in Veliky Ustyug. Belonged to the merchants. Son of the painter Kozma Berezin, who was condemned together with Nikitin brothers on F.Prokopovich case. The elder brother of the painter Vasily Berezin.

Portrait of N.I. Tishinin. 1758

Oil on canvas. 214 160

An old inscription was reproduced on the reverse side of the canvas during the restoration (the second duplication of the canvas): i 1727 25, . 31 6 b, , b, 1 9 , 1752 2. , 1757. . 23. b. 4. 5 . I 1758 . On the first duplicate canvas was another inscription: 1875. . . ..

Inv. 26752

Transferred in 1930 from Rybinsk District Museum; earlier - the property of Tishinins, Ratkov-Rozhnovs families at Tikhvino-Nikolskoye estate in Rybinsk district, Yaroslavl province.
Tishinin Nikolai Ivanovich (1727-1773), captain of the life-guard of Izmailovsky regiment, landowner in Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Vologda provinces. Son of the colonel Ivan Vasilyevich Tishinin. Owner of numerous textile, paper, linen and a brick manufactures. Writer, translator, patron of arts. He was acquainted and in correspondence with famous engraver M.I. Makhaev.