Portrait of A.M.Shakhovskaya. 1815

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Tulov Fyodor Andreevich. 1792-1855 (?)

Portrait-painter. Lived and worked at Belaya Kolp - the estate of Prince Shakhovskoy in Volokolamsk district, Moscow province, where he worked on the portrait gallery of this family. Later lived in Propoisk (now Slavgorod) - the estate of A.I.Benkendorf in Bykhovsk district, Mogilev province. Had the rank of Collegiate registrar.
Inspite of several publications undertaken, the artists biography has not been sufficiently clarified and is based on few documents and many legends. One of the ideas expressed in some publications is that Tulov was originally the serf, however, it hasnt got any appropriate documentary justification yet. Theres lack of information on the early period of his life. In one of the found documents Tulov is called an artist of the XIV grade, but in the archive of the Academy of Arts he is not ever mentioned. It is known that he was enthusiastic about technique and was fascinated by astronomy. By now about 50 portraits are known to be executed by Tulov for sure.

Portrait of A.M.Shakhovskaya. 1815

Oil on canvas. 70 56,5

Signed and dated (badly preserved), bottom left: 1815. Inscription reproduced during the restoration (duplication of the canvas) on the back of the canvas: 1815-

Inv. 102435/5/I-5889

Transferred in 1972 from LSL; earlier in the family collection of Shakhovskoy in the estate Belaya Kolp in Volokolamsk district, Moscow province.
Shakhovskaya Alexandra Mikhailovna (1806-1864), Princess, daughter of Mikhail Alexandrovich Shakhovskoy nd his wife Elizaveta Sergeevna. In 1837 married N.E.Lukashin, who later became the Chief of the Headquarters of the 6-th Infantry corps.