Portrait of E.P.Cherevina. 1773

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Ostrovsky Grigory Silovich. 1756-1814

Portrait-painter. Icon-painter. Petty bourgeois from Veliky Ustyug, son of a priest. Painted murals in some of the churches in Veliky Ustyug, but never belonged to the local icon-painters guild. In 1770-ies - 1780-ies was employed as a portrait-painter at the aristocratic Cherevins estate Neronovo in Soligalich district.
Biographical data is based on the V.M.Sorokatys hypothesis. He identifies G.S.Ostrovsky, the icon-painter from Ustyug, with portrait-painter G.Ostrovsky from Soligalich. (Sorokaty V.M. Voprosy biografii G.Ostrovskogo i iskusstvo portreta v Velikom Ustyuge XVIII c.// Pamyatniki Kultury: Novye otkrytiya. 1989. L.1990. P. 256-299).

Portrait of E.P.Cherevina. 1773

Oil on canvas. 62 46

Authors inscription on the back of the canvas, removed during the restoration (duplication of the canvas): ... . 1773 12 . :

Soligalich Museum
Inv. 36

Received in 1923 from the Cherevins estate Neronovo in Soligalich district, Kostroma province.
Cherevina Elizaveta Petrovna (1761-?), daughter of the Soligalich landowner, Collegiate assessor Pyotr Ivanovich Cherevin and his wife Maria Mikhailovna, born Yaroslavova; in the first marriage Shidlovskaya, in the second marriage - Bezrukova. The first husband of E.P.Cherevina - A.S.Shidlovsky, Collegiate assessor, landowner in Voronezh.