Portrait of the Benua Family. About 1816

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Olivier (?)

Artist of the first half of the XIX century.

Portrait of the Benua Family. About 1816

Oil on canvas. 68,5 ő 88

Inv. Ć-4803

Received in 1933 from A.N.Benua collection, Leningrad.
Sitters: Benua Louis Jules (Leonty Nikolaevich, 1770/1772? - 1822), cook-confectioner of the Duke Montmorency, who moved to Russia and became royal headwaiter; his wife Ekaterina Andreevna (1777-1852), born. Gropp (Groppe); their children: Jeannette (1798-1881), in marriage Robert; Mikhail (1799-1861), colonel, tutor at the Corps of Pages; Leonty (1801-1883), "the first doctor" in St.Petersburg; Alexandrina (1803-1901), in marriage Brandenburg; Elizaveta (1806-1876), in marriage Peterson; Elena (1807-1866), in marriage Keller; Nikolay (1813-1898), architect, Professor of the Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg and Francois (1814-1858).
Reason for attribution: «All the family of my grand-father is portrayed on the picture, painted by some «family friend», if I am right, by name of Olivier» (Benua A.N. Moi vospominaniya. Book 1. Ě., 1989. P. 34).