Bunch of Flowers. 1967

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Mukhin Alexander Alexandrovich. 1899-1988. Moscow region

Born and permanently lived in the village Khotíkovo (Moscow region). Veteran of the World War II. After the war worked as a watchman, in his last years - as a decorator in the recreation club. Started to draw in the 1940-ies, after an accidental death of his son. An amateur artist, painted after his memory, but often used photographs and reproductions as the basis for his compositions. Sold his pictures at the local shop, never took part in any art-shows, unknown in his lifetime. Preferred to paint still-life pictures with bunches of flowers, and more seldom - the landscapes.

Bunch of Flowers. 1967

Oil on canvas. 58 ű 45

Authorís monogram, bottom: ņ.Ő.

Private collection