Tea -Party. 1996

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Loktionova Olga Stefanovna. b. 1927. Kursk region

Born and lived all her life in the village, worked in the collective farm. At home with her mother weaved, sewed, embroidered. Likes to draw from childhood, but the first picture źDeer in the Forest╗ on oilcloth she painted in 1982, when retired. It reminds the market-type pictures. In most of her works Loktionova shows the idealised views of her native village Pogorelĺtsevo. Childish reminiscences, impressions of the TV programmes and reproductions in the magazines are all transformed by her imagination into some new reality. Paints straight on canvas without sketches or corrections.

Tea -Party. 1996

Oil on canvas. 89 § 70

Museum źTsaritsyno╗
Inv. ╩¤-14806