Death of a Righteous Person and a Sinner

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Unknown artist of the late XVIII century - early XIX century

Pomor’s Centre.

Death of a Righteous Person and a Sinner

Paper, ink, tempera, gold. 40,9 ő 52,4.

Water mark: J Kool Comp./Seven provinces (without a circle). (Klepikov I, N 1154. 1790-1800 -ies).

Inv. 40136/ČIII őđ-9229

Purchased in 1902 from P.S.Kuznetsov.
The theme of death and the outlet of the souls of sinners and righteous persons was treated in the parables in «Velikoye Zertsalo» («Great Mirror») and texts of Synodic. It’s impossible to identify this drawing with exact part of these texts. In this picture the angels are crowding at the bed of the dead righteous man, one is adopting his soul, the second is registering his virtues and the third is fighting the devils, which fail to spoil the dead. At the bed of the dead sinner everything is just the other way round: the angel is crying in the distance, while the devil is voicing the bad deeds of the dead, registered in «the chart», another devil is taking the soul out of the body with a long hook.