History of museum

Shukshin's house
Shukshin State Memorial was founded in 1978 in the village of Srostky.
1978-1991 - Shukshin House-Museum (Branch of the Altai Museum of Regional Ethnography).
Since 1991 it has the status of Shukshin State Memorial.
At the Jubilee Shukshin's Birthday Celebrations in 1999 the museum was given the status of All-Russian museum.

At present Shukshin Museum consists of Mother's House with the memorial domestic exposition and the former Srostky School building constructed in 1928. Here V.M.Shukshin finished 7 grades and after serving in the Army he passed his exams as an external student and get General Education Certificate. In 1953-1954 school year he worked as a teacher at the evening school for working youth. Now this building houses the historical literary exposition "Life and Creative Work of V.M.Shukshin".

Katun river
The area of 1.45 hectares is included into this Memorial. It is impossible to understand thoroughly the works of Shukshin without visiting Altai and Srostky where his relatives, friends and people dear to his heart live. The roads go to the Katun bank where one can get a good view of the Popovsky Island, to the Stones in Baklan (the part of Srostky). Near is Piket (a hill) with birches and steep ravines over the Katun and Fedulovka. All these are mute witnesses of V.M.Shukshin's childhood, the festivals of his heart.
Katun river

"Small Motherland" became for Shukshin the unexhaustible source of all arts so characteristic for this famous writer, actor and film producer. It was the wisdom and the experience of his countrymen, their love of the native land that Shukshin appeciated greatly until his death. "...Motherland. Why does the thought exist that one day I'll stay here for ever? When? It doesn't seem like that. Why? Perhaps it lives always in my heart and its bright image will fade with my heart. It looks like this. My Motherland, be blessed! Be blessed, man's winsdom and labour! Be happy! If you are happy, I'll be happy too".

During the walking tour of Srostky you can visit the house where Shukshin spend his school years and where he returned after serving in the Army in 1952 (43 Beregovaya Str), 2 houses where his mother Maria Sergeevna lived in 1958-1964 (Br. Orekhov Str), the bank of the Katun and a hill Piket.