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Srostki from Piket Mount

Vasily Shukshin bought this house for his mother Maria Kuksina on his first great fee for his novel "The Lubavins".
Shukshin visited this house several times when he was a well known writer, actor and film producer. Often he came there with his friends R. and Y. Grigoriev, A. Sarantsev, L. Kuravlev, A. Zabolotsky, L. Fedoseeva.

Vasily Makarovitch liked this house. He worked here successfully. "Mummy, I have only one desire: don't sell the house when I am not here. When I come, we'll think over what to do. I plan to live here in future and I like this house. After this great film I think to deal with the cinema rather seldom. It is better to live and to work at home. Not for ever, but for a long time, just about a year. And I dream of working here in my native village," - wrote Shukshin to his Mother in spring 1974.

Original household articles are the heart of the exposition. Shukshin presented his Mother many things. There are also embroidered and knitted things made by Maria Sergeevna. There are 4 rooms and a hall in the house.
There is a Russian stove in the kitchen. Here mother backed potato cabbage and guelder rose pies. The bed in made up in the style of the 1940s - 1950s. In son's bedroom there are his private things, among them a table, a typewriter, an ash-tray and a pipe. On the wall there are portraits of his grandparents Popovs painted by Shukshin's friend V.Ermilov in 1967.

The biggest and the lightest room in the house is the drawing-room. Vasily Makarovitch liked to work there when he came home. There is a set of funuture, "Belarus 5" TV with a radioset and a record player. On the walls there are pictures of father's and mother's relatives.

Vassya loved to work in our house in Srostki. He worked in the sitting-room, the largest one. He worked till deep night... I was glad and at the same time had compassion on him as he hadn't rest. His coming home was both joy and trouble for me... I was afraid of some cable to call him back.
From Maria Sergeevna's memories

In Mother's room there is Maria Sergeevna's needlework - an applique "Dahlias", a bed coverlet, a satin-strich embroidered portrait of her son made according to artist Romanov's picture.

In allotment there preserved trees and bushes planted during Vasily Makarovitch's life time. They are lilac bushes under the house windows, an apple-tree, a bird-cherry tree, a bush of wilding apple near the porch.

The monument
The sculpture of V.Shukshin made by V. Klykov was erected in 1985. The park laid in 1979 with a beautiful flowerbed, birch trees, mountain ash, fir trees, guilder-rose is now on the place of former kitchen garden.

The last son's visit into his Mother's houses was in 1971 during the shooting of "Petchki-Lavotchki" (Ovens-Benches) film. In 1972 mother moved into Biysk. She died in January 17, 1979 in Biysk hospital. She was buried in Srostky.