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There is only one way to Vasily Makarovich's motherland. It's Chuisk road, road of life for Altai.

How to come to Srostki village

Chuisk road
It's hard to understand, but when heard "Altai" somewhere, a painfully instant warm feeling appears in my heart...If dying in consciousness, at my last instant I'll think of my mother, my children and the motherland living inside me. I have nothing more especial for me.
V.M. Shukshin

Chuisk road...In Altai mountains it became a legends and songs hero (one of these melodies sounds in film "There is such guy "). To the North from Srostki there is a road to the big world. No matter it's Biysk of far Moscow, you can't avoid Chuisk road. One fine day a common village guy took his way here. His name was Vasily Shukshin...

V.M. Shukshin "Confession in love" (only in Russian)

It's impossible to comprehent completely Shukshin's creative nature without visiting Srostki, seeing Altai where close to his heart people live. The roads lead to Katun riverside with the view to Popov island, to Baklan "Kamushki", and next to them there is Piket with it's burches and cliffs. All of them are the deaf witness of Vasily Makarovich's childhood, his soul fests.

Srostki village
Birch brides... The first place
of our virtual sightseeing
is the ancient place of the house
where Vasily Makarovich Shukshin
was born.
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