By unknown painter. 1831.

N.V. Putyata (1802-1877)
(1802 – 1877)

N.V. Putyata was born in 1802 in Smolensk. In 1820 he graduated from the Moscow College of Columnleaders and a year later he began service in His Majesty's retinue as a quartermaster.
Putyata was acquainted with a lot of members of the Northern and the Southern Decembrist organizations and largely shared the Decembrists' views.
After three years of service in St. Petersburg the young second lieutenant was appointed an aide-de-camp to A. Zakrevsky, the commander of the Separate Finnish regiment. It was Finland where 1824 Putyata met Boratynsky. Having quitted military service Putyata spent several years as the state officer. In 1851 he finally resigned.
After he moved to Moscow in 1852 Putyata entered its literary world. He produced a detailed survey of the reign of Catherine II and Alexander I, some articles about N. Muraviev, N. Odoevsky and A. Pushkin. In 1862 he was elected member of The Society Of Russian Philologists in the University of Moscow, and in 1868-1872 he was the chairman of the Society. In his mature years Putyata was known for versatility and frankness.
In different years Putyata was a friend of Pushkin, Vyazemsky, Odoevsky, N. Gogol, F. Tyutchev, S. Aksakov, K. Aksakov and other remarkable people. His most close friend was Yevgeny Boratynsky who later became his relative. After the death of the poet Putyata became the owner of Muranovo.


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