The Muranovo country estate is one of several Russian "family manors" that survived the sweeping historical events of the century. It is connected with the names of two famous Russian poets and philosophers, Yevgeny Boratynsky and Feodor Tyutchev. The house, built by Boratynsky, some of the saved family relics and the old park compile in a unique memorial of Russian history and literature.

Postal code:
Post address:
Moscow region, Luganskoe post office, State Museum Muranovo.
Tel. (095) 584-59-47, (253-18) 4-45
Fax (095) 402-77-79

The way to Muranovo:
From the Yaroslavski railway station (Moscow) to station Ashukinskaya, then by bus (#34) to station "State Museum Muranovo".

The map of your journey (for Your convenience You can print it out)

The exposition:
The main house (memorial exposition - 1st and 2nd floors);
The church;
Literary exposition "Boratynsky in Muranovo";
The park and the buildings in its area.

Excursion subjects:
Muranovo as a memorial of Russian 19th century gentry culture (general)
Muranovo as a home of Poets
Life and works of Yevgeny Boratynsky
The house, the park and the scenery
Cultural life of Muranovo

Vladimir Vladimirovich Patsiukov - the director.
Vladimir Alexeevich Prokofiev - deputy director
Svetlana Andreevna Dolgopolova - the main custodian
Tel. (095) 584-39-47

Tickets' price:
1. 1. The main house exposition -
      Entrance ticket - 10 rubles, privileged* ticket - 5 rubles
      Excursion ticket - 20 rubles, privileged* -10 rubles
2. The park and the buildings in its area -
      Excursion ticket - 10 rubles, privileged* - 5 rubles

(*) Privileged tickets for students, pensioners and invalids.


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