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The German section of ICOM VLmp charts resources on the web which are provided by museums in Germany, institutions of that branch and other services adjoined to this field.

The services and web-based information offered by ICOM VLmp Germany are edited under scientific principles that take in account relevance, quality and the usefulness for the work in and with museums. Therefore, the catalogue is restricted to a set of essential and outstanding resources and links.

To suggest a service or museum that is not already listed at ICOM VLmp Germany and matches the criteria outlined above it is recommended to use the submission-form. Please note also the specific sections of the "Virtual Library Museen" where further information related to museums in German-language countries is provided by experts of this subject.

The original VLmp site is located at Oxford University. If response is slow, you may relocate to a more local Virtual Library museums pages' site. The VLmp mirror server for continental Europe is hosted by the Historical Center Hagen.

Important resources on German museums online

Electronic communication and information

    The H-Net Network for Museum Studies is a moderated mailing list and information forum. This means that texts are reviewed by an editorial panel, revised if necessary and only then transmitted. The manager of the list will ensure that the contents meet academic standards and prevent their use for commercial, non-academic or non- relevant purposes. The editorial team is supported by an advisory board. The mailing list addresses themes and questions primarily relating to museums and memorial places, but is also intended to be interdisciplinary, so that archaeological, historical, cultural and artistic information can be posted alongside other more established, central spheres of activity. Articles relating to the activities and news of archives and libraries will also be listed. A particular feature is the emphasis on museums and the internet. You will also find accounts and discussions of exhibitions, reviews of books and other communication media, as well as reports of conferences and calls for papers. Founded June 2001, over 2700 subscribers (March 2003), H-Museum is an international mailing list, the main languages are English and German, but sometimes French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch too. [Archive]

    Maintained by Wolfgang Röhrig, German Historical Museum, since 1995. Announcements of exhibitions, object-research, restoration issues, Electronic Dataprocessing in the museums, jobs etc. This list is open for every museum related topic and non-moderated, about 800 subscribers (June 2002), German-language. [Archive]

  • Mailinglist for Volunteers in Museums
    This list is maintained by the German Museums Association and founded by the "Arbeitskreis Volontäre und Volontärinnen". [Archive]

  • E-Mail Register
    Maintained by Robert Strötgen, Social Science Information Center, Bonn (since 1997)
  • Monthly Information Service (M.I.S.)
    Maintained by VL Museen, VL Early Modern History and
    Server Early Modern History (since 1999)

Reviews of exhibitions and books

Information on German museums in some specialized areas

further ressources and index of museums

Electronic journals and publications

Museum-related informations

other museum-related ressources

Catalogues on museums in Germany


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