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Local History Museum

Gagarin's Monument

Foundation history.

Originally a local history museum (began its work in Gzhatsk November 7, 1948), the memorial museum after Y. A. Gagarin (started April 5, 1970) and the Art Gallery (July 7, 1984), the museum was founded on the 30th of November, 1988. It is one of the leading museums on space exploration in Russia.
Its total area is 3202 sq. m. including exhibition aria of 1817 sq. m. There are more than 62000 exhibits, 32000 of them are on space theme, 15000 are rarities.

The museum is a collective member of the Russia astronautics museums association, Russia museums association, Russia regional museums association, the Smolensk branch of astronautics federation of Russia and All-Russia youth space society VAKO “Union”.

- Management;
- Departments:
a) History of the first flight;
b) Local history;
c) Funds;
d) Travel agency;
e) Art;
f) Culture and education center, children’s museum “Games Y.A.Gagarin played”.

The museum’s work:

Research work on Y.A. Gagarin life and activities, history
of the first flight into space.
Collecting funds. Keeping, storage and exhibiting documents
on Y.A. Gagarin’s life, history of the first flight and other matters, concerning domestic and world astronautics.
Organization of stationary and mobile exhibitions about “Gagarin’s native land”.
Organization of social-scientific readings devoted
to Y.A. Gagarin, regional scientific conferences, culture
and education activity.
Work on creation of the First flight into space museum.
Development and realization of projects “Gagarin’s starts”
and “Gzhatsk fair”.
Information, publishing and advertisement activity.


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