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I-net- conference which will be passed during the action"Night of museums". National museum of RT looks for partners!

c 20 по 21 мая 2006Республика Татарстан
Kazan city
Kazan city
Kazan city
Kazan city
Kazan city
Kazan city
Within the limits of the international project "Night of Museums", launched on the initiative of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, annually there pass actions, directed on the attraction of new museum visitors, especially the youth participations. Nowadays the actions, spent with a resounding success, unite the largest museums of the Europe and Russia. This event is benefited at plan from a partnership with the "International Museum's Day", organised by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and under the patronage of the European Union.

You can find the detailed information about the project on the web-site: http://www.nuitdesmusees.culture.fr

The Republic Tatarstan (RT) will also take part in the international project this year.

The organizers of the ''Night of Museums'' in RT are: the Ministry of Culture of RT, the National Museum of RT(NMRT), the regional public organisation "Centre for Development of Cross-cultural Communications", cross-cultural public organisation "Night Wolves"(Moscow), PR-agency " Marka" ( Kazan).

"Night of museums" or "Culture non-stop" will be passed from the 20th of May, 17p.m. till the 21st of May, 1.00 p.m. The entrance to all the museum actions is free.

The places of carrying out the event are: the exhibition halls of NMRT, the museum court yard, the Square of the 1st of May, which unites in one architectural ensemble the Kazan Kremlin, NMRT and the administration of Kazan city.

The programme includes:

the presentation of the international event "Night of museums"

the opening of the exhibition "The World of Night Wolves".

the work demonstration of artists and photo artists, the display of conceptual body-art models, the master-classes of tattoo-artists, the performance of the musicians from Moscow, Chelabinsk and Kazan cities.

a variety concert on the Square of the 1st of May (near the Kazan Kremlin). Kazan and nonresident music groups, artists and folklore groups will take part in the concert.

on-line I-net video- conference and space bridge( periodical inclusion in the net-work during all the action)

the street bike-show and dramatized pyrotechnique and laser mini-shows on the territory of NMRT, performance of musicians and DJ.

The exhibition "The World of Night Wolves" will be opened on the 20th of May at 17.00 p.m. and will work during 2 months.

Among the exhibits there will be rare and interesting subjects from the funds of the National Museum of RT, telling us about the technical development, allowing to open many, before unknown, parties of the history of our region.

At the exhibition there will be: the unique artifacts, connected with the moto-movement, moto-attributes, informational, audio and video materials. All this will allow the visitors not only to learn the history of the legendary "Night Wolves", but also to glance into the surprising "World of Night Wolves". An exhibition-sale of clothes and moto-accesoires of "Wolf wear", audio and video production, which is conceptually corresponding youth movement, spent during this actions, will undoubtly, become one of the bright events in the cultural life of Kazan city.

The exhibits are given by the National Museum of RT, and CCPO"Night Wolves" (Moscow). The tickets for visitors will be extended by the Management of the Kazan city and the Students League of RT. During the presentation day the entrance will be carried out by the invitation cards.

Dear colleagues!

"Night of Museums" is the great opportunity for the on-line communication between the museums of Europe and Russia! That's why from the 20th of May, 21.00p.m. till the 21st of May 1.00p.m. the National Museum is planning to set up I-net video-conference. The technical service of the video-conference will be presented by the "Nagra" organization(Kazan city).

During the videoconference there will be made panoramic shooting of the NMRT building and of the scene, which will be situated near the central entrance of the museum ( Square of the 1st of May). There can be used sponsor's informational boards in the decoration of the scene. Panoramic shooting will be periodically supplemented with the shooting of the museum exhibition.

Prompts of the leading companies-sponsors will be included in the video-series. The current video-image will be displayed on the screen (4 x 6 m), which will be established on the front of the Spasskaya tower of the Kazan Kremlin. For the creation of the space bridge there will be applied the equipment of the "Axis" firm (digital videoservers, cameras, decoders).This equipment carries out the digital processing of the video and audio signals and subsequent translation of the received Internet traffic.The generated video traffic is planned to transfer on the web-sites of the museums of Europe and Russia, including it's Asian part, and informational agencies, which are specialized on the cultural actions.

The National Museum of RT looks for Russian and European partners, which are planning to include into the action "Night of Museums" the carrying out of the I-net video-conference for the informational exchange. Also we are ready to translate the events of the tatar "Night of Museums"-"Culture-non-stop" on the web-sites of your museums.

We are requesting you to send your suggestions on the e-mail: , with the mark "Night of Museums".

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Проезд:Ст. метро "Кремлевская", троллейбусы до ост. "Стадион", автобусы до ост. "Стадион", "КАИ" и "Общежитие КАИ"
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