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This page includes a collection of on-line museums and other World Wide Web services connected with museums in Russia Ìóçåè Ìîñêâû.

Also available in Russian.


The museums in this list are given in alphabetical order.

  1. The KIZHI Federal Museum of Cultural History and Architecture
    The Federal KIZHI Open Air Museum of Cultural History, Architecture and Ethnography.
    Kizhi museum is one of the largest open air museums in Russia. This is a unique historical, cultural and natural complex enlisted on the Code of the Most Significant Cultural Heritage Sites of the Peoples of the Russian Federation. The core of the museum collection is the Kizhi Architectural Ensemble (Kizhi Pogost Ensemble) included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
    The official museum site offers the following categories: museum services and events, festival calendar, maps of Zaonezhye and Kizhi island, competitions, forum, virtual tours, pieces of wooden architecture and museum collections, architecture, restoration, history of Zaonezhye, traditional culture of the peoples' of Karelia, nature of Kizhi skerries, archaeology, educational programmes, photo and video gallery, web cameras, virtual shop.
    The cultural heritage of Kizhi island and wooden architecture of Zaonezhye is introduced through the museum site
  2. Lenino-Snegirevskiy Military-Historical Museum
  3. Science Museums of the 21st Century Competition
  4. Velikiy Ustyug State Museum-Preserve
  5. The State Museum and Preserv "Peterhof"
    The famous Petergof palace has a site that perfectly reflects its elegant atmosphere. As well as information about the palace itself, its fountains and other sights in the area, the site offers a photo gallery and information about the nearby horse riding club
  6. The museum-diorama "Kursk fight" in Belgorod
  7. Memorial of the Great Patriotic War
  8. The State Historical-cultural Museum-preserve "Moscow Kremlin"
    The official web-ste of the Kremlin Museum - the oldest museum in Russia. The site contains all the basic information for visitors: a history of the museum, Kremlin's watchtowers, palaces and cathedrals with photographies,about excursions and tours offered and the various publications available in the gift shop. For more detailed information there are two excellent virtual tours offered: one around the Kremlin and its surrounding areas of interest, and one around the Kremlin's collection of the famous Faberge eggs. The site also has information of the Internet-centre, a project that aims to present the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage monuments on one computer network
  9. The State Tretyakov Gallery
    The updated website of the State Tretyakov Gallery invites you to the virtual tour through the Gallery permanent and temporary exhibitions, to visit the world of art, to enjoy masterpieces of well-known masters and to get acquainted with peculiar works of modern artists. The detailed information for the future visitors of the State Tretyakov Gallery is presented: about the history of the Gallery, its branches, guided and lecture programs, children's study centers, societies, interactive programs, scientific conferences, projects, publications and many others. The diverse search system makes it easier to navigate through the Gallery website
  10. State Darwin Museum
    This very well designed site gives virtual guided tours, video clips and photographic displays all based on the museum's general theme of evolution and diversity in the natural world, including the development of the study of Biological Sciences. The site also contains detailed information for the visitor and has a range of children's activities
  11. Polytechnical museum
    Polytechnical museum is a scientific, enlightening and cultural-leisure centre of Russia, the main museum in history of science and technology.
    The Museum keeps more than 100 collections with more than 190,000 exhibits. Many of them are unique relics of science and technique. Museum's exposition occupies about 11800 sq. m. and it is designed according to the chronological principle with the application of original historical documents and materials, relics of science and technology, working models and installations, dioramas.
    There are departments of Geology and Mining, Metallurgy, Chemical technology, Engineering, Automation and Computers, Automobile transport, Radioelectronics and Communication, Optics, Meteorology, Cosmonautics, Power engineering in the Museum
  12. Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography "Kunstkamera" RAS
    The web-site of the eldest russian state museum. Contain the information for visitors as well as for scientists interested in cultural and physical anthropology, archaeology, history of science in Russia.
    The information about creation and history of the Museum is available, the data about the permanent (virtual excursion through the museums halls)and temporary museum exhibitions, museum collections.
    There are special information about research departments, main fields of studies, research projects, personal home pages of researchers
  13. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
  14. The L.N.Tolstoy State Museum
  15. Moscow Zoo
    Russia's oldest zoo has an excellent website with detailed, well presented and interesting information. The site includes news of recent acquisitions, information for specialists, a section devoted to conservation and preservation, and pictures and descriptions of the animals themselves
  16. State Russian Museum
    The Russian museum in St Petersburg is the world's largest collection of Russian art. Its site has good information about the collection and its history, including on-line reproductions of famous works. You can also use the site to find out about the museum's developments programme, see a calendar of events, or look through the museum's publications (although you can't order books on-line, the publishers include an e-mail address to get information on where to buy them)
  17. The State Hermitage Museum
    A beautifully designed web-site that has a brilliant virtual tour of the museum complete with panaramic film footage of the rooms, and virtual exhibitions that take exhibits from many different museums all over the world as well as the storage rooms of the hermitage. As well as viewing the collection and its valued exhibits from all over the world you can view the Menshikov Palace and the palace of Peter I
  18. The Virtual Diego Rivera Web Museum
    Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter and muralist born in Guanajuato City, Guanajuato. Studied painting in Mexico before going to Europe in 1907.
    While in Europe he took up cubism and had exhibitions in Paris and Madrid in 1913; he then had a show in New York City in 1916. In 1921 he returned to Mexico, where he undertook government-sponsored murals that reflected his communist politics in historical contexts
  19. Moscow Planetarium
  20. The State Historical Museum
    The State Historical Museum and its filial departments (including the Lenin Museum and a number of convents in the Moscow area) have a huge collection of archaeological exhibits, manuscripts, costumes, ceramics, glassware and weapons to name but a few and all the details are on this site, which is translated into English, French and German. The site also has information about exhibitions, information for scientists and historians and details of the EC museum projects, as well as an on-line game
  21. Central Museum of the Great Patriotic war 1941-1945
  22. The memorial museum of cosmonautics
  23. Museum complex "The Universe of Water"
  24. Moscow Museum of Modern Art
    Moscow Museum of Modern Art is the first state museum in Russia that concentrates its activities exclusively on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Today the Museum is an energetic institution that plays an important part on the Moscow art scene
    The Museum was unveiled on December 15, 1999; its founding director was Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts. His private collection of more than 2.000 works was the core of the Museum's permanent display that represents main stages in the development of Russian art in the 20th and 21st centuries. A special emphasis is put on the assembly of Russian avant-garde, from Malevich to Pirosmani. An extensive section of the display is devoted to Non-Conformist art of the 1960s-1980s; the collection of contemporary art continues to grow. The holdings also include pieces by well-known Western masters, such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Mir?, Giorgio De Chirico, Salvador Dal?, Henri Rousseau, and others.
    Today the Museum has three venues in the historic centre of Moscow: the main building in Petrovka Street, as well as exhibition venues in Ermolaevsky Lane and Tverskoy Boulevard. Every year, the Museum organizes single-artist shows, group exhibitions and conceptual displays by well-known masters as well as by emerging artists or the ones that need to be rediscovered. We aim at showing the artistic process of the 20th and 21st centuries at its maximum span and diversity
  25. Moscow City Museum
    The Museum Association "Moscow City Museum" is a unique object of the cultural and historical heritage, one of the oldest museums of the capital.
    Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities of the world with a rich history and traditions. Different åpoñhs of the history of the Russian capital are reflected in images and objects in the museum's expositions which contain the most valuable historical documents, archeological finds, items of every day life and works of fine arts.
    We hope that the information presented in the site's pages will give you a good notion of the Moscow City Museum and its branches, our social activities and international relations
  26. The State Literary Museum
  27. The State Museum of the History of Religion
  28. Toy Museum
  29. State Pushkin Museum
  30. The "Rainbow" Cultural-Exhibition Centre
    Site of the "Raduga" Cultural and Exhibition Centre acquaints with permanent and travelling exhibitions: reproductions of famous paintings by Russion and foreign masters from museums and private collections of the world; splendid photos of different countries; showroom of the Indian culture and collection of minerals. Site introduces the detailed information about the history of the Centre and its activity: excursions and lectures, concerts, educational programmes for kindergardens and schools, cultural projects for business, medical and other organisations
  31. Paleontological Museum
  32. The State Museum for the History of Saint-Petersburg
    The official web-site of the State Museum for the History of Saint-Petersburg - one of the most beautiful city of the world. The web-site acquaint with the history of the museum. The single part of the web-site tells about miraculous collections of the museum - arts and crafts, painting and graphic art, photography, numismatic, glass and ceramics, clothes and textile and others. You'll learn much about exhibitions and excursions. There are a lot of interesting photographs of Saint-Petersburg , museum and collections
  33. The Central Museum of the Armed Forces
  34. The State Museum Monument "Isaakievsky Sobor"
    Isaac's Cathedral is a remarkable monument of Russian architecture of the 1st part of the 19th century. The official web-site of the State Museum Monument "Isaakievsky Sobor" acquaints in details with this sight of northern capital of Russia
  35. Ethnographic park of history of the river Chusovoy
    Ethnographic park of history of the river Chusovoy is one of the chief cultural points of Perm region. It lies in a mountainous area 5km off the town of Chusovoy, a metallurgical centre. What is special about this ethnographic park is that it comprises a wide range of historical items dating back to the nineteenth century in a small territory. The main exposition embodies the buildings of the 19th century and corresponds to the traditions and customs of the old country life in Perm region. To build up a village of the 19th century, a country house (izba), a grocery (lavka), a belfry and a fire station (kalancha), the museum of wooden arts, and a couple of chapels have been put together. All the exhibits displayed indoors are original and come from different parts of the district of Chusovoy. What is interesting about the park is that all the items presented can be touched or experienced.
    Besides these sites, you can also look into the writers' memorial museum that depicts the life of the authors, poets, and journalists whose life in this way or another (residence, political confinement, working) was connected with the region of Perm or Chusovoy
  36. The Timiryazev State Museum of Biology
    The site of the Timiyazev Biological Museum, Moscow, gives a short illustrated description of the museum's departments, exhibits, exhibitions and activities. Notable features of the museum are its greenhouse and its rare book fund
  37. Cathedral of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God. Cathedral of St. Vasily the Blessed
    Every capital has a well-known landmark making it easily recognizable. In Moscow, the Cathedral of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God, better known as the Cathedral of St. Vasily the Blessed (or St. Basil’s Cathedral, as it is often called in English), standing in Red Square is such a landmark. It is for nearly 450 years now that this architectural ensemble of inimitable beauty and grandeur has been filling our hearts with joy, excitement and pride.
    The Cathedral of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God upon the Moat was built in fulfillment of a vow made by Czar Ivan the Terrible before his campaign against Kazan in 1552 and with the blessing of Metropolitan Makary. The cathedral was constructed under the supervision of Russian master builders Postnik and Barma in 1555-1561. Uniquely conceived by Metropolitan Makary, the cathedral was to epitomize the image of the Holy City of Jerusalem. As a result, its nine churches, most of which were consecrated in memory of major events of the victorious Kazan campaign, were built on a single foundation
  38. The Ñentral House of Artist (ÑHA)
    The Ñentral House of Artist has no analogy neither in Russia nor in Europe. It presents the biggest amount of works and occupied the largest exposition area (about 10000 square meters). It holds more than 300 exhibitions a year which are visited by approximately 600 000 people. On the official web-site or the CHA is the information about exhibitions, concerts, projects
  39. A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum
  40. Museum-estate Ostankino
    This web-site introduces you to a unique example of eighteenth century architecture, takes you on a tour of the palace and has information about its history and collections. In the estate is the only surviving example of an eighteenth century theatre, with the scenery, auditorium and dressing rooms preserved as they were at the time
  41. Museum - panorama "Borodino Battle"
  42. The International Center-Museum named N.K. Rerikh
  43. The Zoological Museum of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    The Museum of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the largest zoological museum in Russia and one of the largest in the world. Nearly 30 000 specimens of animals from all over the world are displayed in the Museum. The collection was started over 250 years ago, but has only been open to visitors since 1901. The Museum contains the collections of well-known Russian scientists such as Gmelin, Pallas, Przewalsky, Kozlov and others. Its collection has been increased dramatically in recent years due to numerous expeditions throughout Russia, to the Arctic circle, to Antarctica and to the tropics
  44. Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after I. Mashkov
  45. Virtual Roerih Museum
    This virtual museum will tell you about life and art of the great Russian artist of world reputation, philosopher and astute politician N.Roerih. There are paintings, photographs etc on the web-site
  46. Russian Academy of Arts
  47. St.Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music
  48. Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic
  49. The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia
    Carrying out the work of collecting for almost 90 years, comprehensive scientific research based upon modern achievements of the history and allied sciences, creative conceptualization and application of stored knowledge and experience in different fields of museum's arrangement, thanks to all this the Museum became one of the biggest centers of learning for studying Russian civilization starting from the second half of the nineteenth century up to the present day.
    The official site would give you a detailed account of the history of the museum, its collections, expositions, exhibitions and publicationes
  50. All-Russian Museum of Decorative Applied and Folk Art
    The visitors can get acquainted with Russian folk and decorative-applied art of the 18th – early 20th centuries. They can see woodwork, old Russian costumes and headdresses, a collection of samovars, 18th century ivory and bronze, Russian malachite and lacquer miniature of the 19th century, porcelain and glassware from the middle of the 18th till the early 20th centuries. The museum exhibits a rich collection of furniture in neo-Russian style and also a unique collection of “ propaganda” porcelain (1918 – 1921y.) and many other interesting things.
    Both groups and individuals are invited.
    Welcome to the museum!
  51. The Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps
    The Military-Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps is the oldest military museum in Russia, one of the most significant military-historical museums in the world having precious collections of artillery armaments and ammunition, rifles and cold steels, military-engineering equipment, signal means, banners, military uniforms and insignia from the 14th century up to now. Many of them are undoubtedly monuments of science, art, and a part of Russian cultural heritage. Samples of the latest armaments are represented with the missile systems of last generation. The Museum collection occupies 13 rooms with a total area of over 17,000 square meters and 850,000 exhibits among which are impressive collections of paintings, drawings and sculptures. The display includes works of art reflecting Russia's heroic past, portraits of Emperors, Grand Dukes, famed commanders, plus soldiers and officers who distinguished themselves in military operations. The Museum rooms are decorated with canvases by well-known Russian battle-artists
  52. Rostov Museum of Regional Studies
  53. Central Naval Museum
  54. Freud's Dream Museum
  55. Historical ñultural and natural museum-preserve " Tomskaya Pisanitsa"
    Tomskaya pisanitsa is the first Siberian monument of Rock Art which became the museum. It is a unique monument of history and culture of Eurasia. Nearly 300 drawings are well-known from the Tomskaya pisanitsa. Tomskaya pisanitsa appeared at the end of the Neolithic age, IV-III thousand years BC it served as a sanctuary before I millennium BC. Themes of Tomskaya pisanitsa are elks, holy birds, and a bear. In the bronze age (Ï-I thousand years BC) solar signs, boats, guises, and bird men appear
  56. The State Historical, Architectural, Art and Landscape Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno
    "Tsaritsyno" is the state historical, architectural, art and landscape museum-reserve. Its official site represents the detailed information about all buildings of the museum, exhibitions, excursions, events, as well as about news, concert programs, new editions, customer services, etc.
  57. The Cruiser "Aurora"
  58. Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve
  59. The National Pushkin Museum
    The National Pushkin Museum is one of the oldest literary museum in Russia. It is also the first-rate Russian museum devoted to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. On the offixial web-site of the museum you can find information about history of the museum, make interesting virtual excursions and visit branches of the museum, get to know about memorable dates and last museum events
  60. A. Kusnetcov Regional Museum of Local History and Nature
  61. State museum of oriental art
  62. Vernadsky State Geological Museum
    The site of the State Geological Museum, with in depth information on the history, founding principles and collection of the museum. The museum and its site do not only concentrate on the geological history of the earth, but also has a large amount of information about ecology and the geological consequences of man's interference with nature - you can even have an on-line conversation with the earth and ask it questions. The site also has information and links to other related museums
  63. Bunker-42 on Taganka (Cold War Museum)
    The Cold War Museum (Bunker-42 on Taganka) is situated at 65 meters underground in the center of Moscow. The museum complex Bunker-42 gives individual and group guided tours. Excursion programs include not only a view of secured tunnels but also let visitors feel themselves like communicators, explore weapon models and communication equipment of the Armed Forces of the USSR. There is an ability to play interactive war-games (strikeball) in the bunker as well. Gamers are awaited of mysterious and unusual entourage of the object, large spaces for maneuvering - 1200 m2 - and ultimate experience
  64. International Guild of Masters
  65. Vladimir-Suzdal Museum and Reserve
    The official web-site for the Vladimir-Suzdal complex has a huge amount of information about the buildings, museums, exhibitions and collections of this unique example of ancient architecture. There is a section devoted to the server itself as well as one with stills from films made in or near the complex
  66. Kovrov Historical and Memorial Museum
  67. Museum of engineering
  68. Novosibirsk State Art Museum
  69. The State Museum Estate "Arkhangelskoye"
  70. Koryak Regional Museum
  71. The Geology, Oil and Gas Ìuseum
    The Geology, Oil and Gas Ìuseum was founded on September 24th in 1993 by the order of the chief of the administration of Khanty-Mansiysk Àutonomous Okrug. The museum main task - to collect, systematize and present to a wide public it is as much as possible trustworthy information on history of formation and development of the oil and gas complex of autonomous okrug, its people and achievements.
    The museum site is developed in the end of 2008, a distinctive feature is effective slide show on the main page. Following headings function: "About the museum", "Funds", "Expositions and exhibitions", "Stars of Yugra", "For visitors", "For colleagues", "Projects", "Editions", "Significant dates", having visited which it is possible to learn about principal sorts of activity of a museum, unique collections, actions, research and methodical work
  72. Saratov regional museum of local lore
    Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore (SOMK) is among the oldest ones in the Volga Region. December the 12th (24), 1886, is considered to be its foundation date: Saratov Scientific Archive Board (SSAB) was organized then, with a historical-archaeological museum as an associated part. Some of the exhibits were first presented to the public in 1889, in the science-art department at the Saratov agricultural exhibition. A year later, they were demonstrated at a scientific-industrial exhibition in Kazan.
    The museum fund comprises about 400 thousand items: extensive archaeological, ethnographical, paleontological, entomological collections, herbaria, photos, documents, hand-written and early printed books, coins and medals, religious items, posters, paintings, materials on the history of political, economical, social and cultural settings in Saratov
  73. Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow/ Moscow House of Photography
    The official web-site of the Moscow House of Photography is colorful and various as well as photographic art. On the web-site are represented the anons of the exhibitions, festivals, contests, special projects and the history of MHP. Comfortable search system
  74. Far Åast Museum of Fine Arts
  75. Russian Museum of Ethnography
  76. Museum of dolls "The House of Dolls"
  77. City of Polarny Museum for regional studies and history
  78. Culture TV Channel
  79. Museum and Exhibition Centre “Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa”
    Website of the Museum and Exhibition centre "Rabochiy i kolkhoznitsa" presents information about activities of the venue, current exhibitions and events, hours and admission for visitors and contact information
  80. The Sholokhov state museum - reserve
    We invite you for a fascinating travell-ing about the pages of the unique Open Air Novel. Visiting the State M.A. Sholokhov Museum-Reserve you will see the wonderful country, where the writer and his personages lived, you will enter the vivid and passionate Don Cossack world.
    You are welcome to come and see us on the Quiet Don!
  81. Smolensk State Museum-Preserve
  82. Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
    Look through for general info about the museum and its special projects, exhibitions, collection description (list of works, annotations, images). Van Gogh's biography. English, Netherlands, Japanese
  83. Virtual tours round the Russian Museum
    For the first time the program will enable the virtual tour around the whole complex of the Russian Museum. The program is being developed with the use of panoramic photography technology and consists of the following sections: "The Mikhailovsky palace", "The Mikhailovsky gardens", "The Benois Wing", "St. Michael's Castle", "The Marble palace", "The Stroganov palace", "The Summer garden", "The Summer palace of Peter I", "The House of Peter I". In each palace the user can make a virtual tour moving outside and inside of the chosen object and get information about each interior and works of art placed there. The program includes over 200 panoramas. It is available in English and Finnish
  84. The State Museum "Pavlovsk"
    Pavlosk, the former summer residence of Emperor Paul I, is one of Russia's most treasured museums. The site contains detailed information about both the house and the park, which is one of the largest landscaped parks in Europe. There is a plan of the palace with pictures and a description of each room, and a page devoted to the palaces Museum of Nineteenth Century Russian Interiors. The palace was occupied by the Germans during World War II and was burnt down as they left - restoration of the palace and park took almost 50 years and there are before and after pictures available on the site
  85. Pacific Fleet Museum
  86. The Outsider Art Museum
    Who can be called a real artist? These questions are raised while meeting the works of people whose right to be accepted is highly disputable, whose works were doomed to be ignored. Perhaps you'll can find answers on the web-site of Outsider Art Museum. Among the issues are such as "New figment", " Marginal art", "Naive art", "Psychopathic expression"
  87. Moscow State Museum of S.A. Yesenin
    Lately created and successfully developing web-site gives a spirit and emotional fullness of museum’s exposition. There also are many up-to-date information about museum events, concerts, lectures etc.
    Web-site contains schedules and information about global and international actions of museum, exhibitions and releases
  88. Samarian Regional Historical Museum by P. Alabin
    Samara Regional Historical museum is one of the oldest museums of the Volga Region. It originates from the public museum named after Emperor Alexander III that was established in 1886 on the initiative of the head of the town P.V. Alabin . In 1993 the museum was renamed in honor of P.V. Alabin.
    At present the museum is housed in several buildings. The main building - the former Central V.I. Lenin Museum was built in 1989 (the project authors were a group of architects headed by E.G. Rozanov). It has 3500sq m. of exhibition space, a video hall with 270 seats, a library and a study room. The main exposition of the museum, collections storage, painters’ workshop, photo studio, cafe which can seat 60 people, museum shop and information center are located here
  89. Military Medical Museum
    Welcome to the official site of the Military Medical Museum (St.Petersburg): Íîìå Page, News, About, Awards, Exhibition, Collections, Archive, Publication, Billboard, Contacts, St. Petersburg Scientific Society of Historians of Medicine.
    Military Medical Museum is a follower of medical museums of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, curator of the historical traditions of Russian medicine and its military medical service
  90. The Museum of Urban Sculpture
  91. Krasnoyarsk Region Regional Studies Museum
  92. Erarta museum and galleries of contemporary art
    Erarta is the art project based on the idea of establishment of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Saint-Petersburg. Apart from the Museum, the project includes galleries for contemporary painting, the workshop and publishing projects. This website allows you browse the Collection, send your works for our consideration, and buy a painting. The opportunity to buy an original work of art is limited to works from the galleries and does not cover the Museum Collection. On the other hand, the choice of works is not limited in case you wish to order a print or a giclee
  93. The N.I. Grodekov Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museum
    The forming of the Khabarovsk Regional Lore Museum is connected with the name of the first Head of the Priamursky department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society (PDIRGS) governor-general N. I. Grodekov. In the year of the 100 years anniversary of the museum 1994 - the museum was returned the name of N.I. Grodekov the honored citizen of Khabarovsk. The official web-site of the Khabarovsk Museum acquaint with its history and activities of the museum departments: Archaeology, Nature of the Khabarovsk Territory, The indigenous peoples of the Far East, The development of the Priamursky Territory by Russia, Military conflicts and the Civil War in the Russian Far East, Literature
  94. Kaliningrad's museum of history and art
  95. Archaeological museum-reserve "Tanais
  96. Kaliningrad Amber Museum
  97. Kirov Museum of Regional Studies
  98. The Glinka national museum consortium of Musical Culture
    The Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture is a unique repository of musical heritage having no analog in the world, a scientific, research and educational institution. The Museum collects, preserves, restores and studies musical masterpieces. In early 1995 under the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation the Museum was registered among especially valuable objects of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation.
    This is an excellent site. You can see many rare musical manuscripts, typescripts, instruments from different periods and nations, and also different memorial things
  99. The State Museum of Ceramics and the 18th Century Kuskovo Estate
  100. Lomakov`s Museum of the oldtimer automobiles and motorcycles
    An essential site for anyone interested in automobile history. A virtual museum of antique motorcycles and cars from the extensive private collection of the Lomakov family. The collection includes a limousine presented to Patriarch Alexei by Stalin and the Mercedes driven at one stage by the German Propaganda Minister Goebbels. You can arrange to visit the collection, and the site has pictures of the exhibits, information on related books and sites, and a page on how Lenin's car was restored
  101. The Andrei Rublev Museum of Early Russian Culture and Art
  102. The Defence of Moskow State Museum
  103. The Feodor Tyutchev Museum "Muranovo"
    The official web-site of the The Feodor Tyutchev Museum "Muranovo". Here is the narrative about near Moscow estate Muranovo which is one of the most interesting architectural ensemble of the national Russian culture. It is concerned with names of prominent Russian poets of the XIX century Eugene Boratynsky and Fedor Tyutchev. There is the Museum-estate's history - the main house, hark, collections as well as news and information for visitors
  104. Moscow Design Museum
    The Moscow Design Museum is an international exhibition and education platform and the first, the only and the unique design museum in Russia. It is a space where the general public will be able to view the best examples of international and Russian design. From the moment of its creation the museum has been accumulating the strengths of young and cutting-edge design experts from around the world. For example, the trademark style of the museum was created by LAVA Design – a famous Dutch design studio, while the first presentation of the museum on February 13, 2012 took place at the London Design Museum. This project is highly innovative and it will be using the newest information technologies and cultural strategies
  105. Literary and Memorial Museum-Reserve of A.P. Chekhov "Melikhovo"
  106. Museum of the retro cars
    Our museum can be called a time machine. Here you can submerge into the atmosphere of the past, of those good old times, when motor vehicles were an unseen novelty, piece of luxury and source of pride. The museum halls can help you bridge the unsurpassable - to become a time master, touch the things from the past, look back into the childhood gone long ago and virtually drive far away in a beautiful car from your childhood dream
  107. State House-Museum of P. Tchaikovsky
    Site of State House-Museum of P. Tchaikovsky in Klin
  108. Belozersky Regional Museum of Local Lore
    The official site of Belosersk Regional Local History Museum will inform you about architectural monuments, memorials, museum collections, expositions and exhibitions.
    In site sections you can learn about educational programs and excursions. From the news line you will, learn about all the new and interesting that happens in the museum. The section "Information" will be useful. It will help you to get to Belosersk and learn all about the museum
  109. Museum "The Lights of Moscow"
  110. State Memorial Museum of Leningrad Defense and Siege
  111. The State Belgorod Art Museum
  112. Tver State United museum
    The materials of Tver State United Museum’s site collected show history and wonderful literary, historical memorial, local history and natural history exhibitions.
    United museum has unique exhibits that characterize a glorious past and the dynamic present of Tver Region. This accumulated amazing wealth is the result of the uninterrupted gathering, scientific-researching work of several generations of museum staff.
    At this site you will find useful information about various aspects of museum work, our collections and forms of their using, the scientific and social projects, that have won the appreciation of visitors. You will also have ability to request and receive information you’re interested in. We hope that after experiencing this web-site, the role of the museum as major treasurer of unique cultural values of Tver land will become closer and clearer to you, and you'll want to be our guest
  113. Novosibirsk City Museum
    Novosibirsk City Museum was founded at 1 of March, 2010. New web-site depicted museum's activity, projects and its results. One can find there news about our creative team, our cooperation with partners, newsletter and events. Also, you'll find there an information about different periods and dates of Novosibirsk city history. Our web-site is a reliable source of historical personalities, dates and facts. NCM web-site is an actual and necessary youth info channel, which could be used by tourist agencies, administrations, museum associations. It will be also useful for industry, science and culture representatives. Our cite is made for our city, our inhabitants and guests
  114. Moscow Cat museum
  115. Altay State Museum of Regional Study
  116. News of Saratov State Art Museum named after A.N. Radishev
    The site "Raditchev's Art Museum's News" was worked out by the employees of Development Department of Raditchev's Art Museum in Saratov.
    First version of the site was conceived and produced on the basis of material of web-version of electronic Informational Newsletter, which is turned out in this museum since January 2002.
    The columns of this site contains information, which characterize the Raditchev's Art Museum's activities and its branches. The site presents the following columns: News, The Day's Topic, Conferences, The History of museum, Resources, Projects, Picture spreads, Museum Guests. Also: Information about Site, Partners, World Museums, Comment Book, Contacts, Art-Saratov
  117. State Museum-panorama "Battle of Stalingrad"
  118. Orenburg regional museum of finearts
  119. Center for contemporary culture GARAGE
  120. Omsk State Museum of History and Regional Studies
  121. Yaroslavl Art Museum
    In one of the most picturesque places of the ancient town of Yaroslavl on the Volga Embankment, there is a beautiful building which houses the Art Museum, the largest in Russia provincial art museum. The web-site tells about history of the museum, last exhibitions, special tourism and educational programs and some information about museum collection
  122. Kirillo-Belozerski Historical-Architectural art Museum-Reserve
  123. Museum of Cinema in St. Petersburg
  124. The State Novgorod Museum-reservation
  125. The State Museum of the Russian Political History
    Welcome to the official site of the Museum of Political History of Russia - the first historical and political museum in post-revolutionary Russia!
    The museum of national significance, which has already celebrated its centenary, keeps a number of evidences of Russia’s political life from the late 18th till the early 21st century. They reflect the history of the state system reforming, fates of the most prominent historical figures, processes of development of revolutionary, democratic, social and political movements and parties.
    In the Museum collection there are political parties’ materials representing practically the whole range of political forces in modern Russia at both federal and regional levels. In the last few years this unique collection has been enlarged with materials reflecting the activities of state, political and public leaders, members of both Chambers of the Russian Parliament, the Legislative Assembly of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad and some other regions
  126. The Murmansk regional museum of local lore
  127. Tank museum in Kubinka
  128. The Dokuchaev central soil Museum
    The Site of the Museum of Soil Science of V.V.Dokuchayev gives a chance to the Visitor to receive representation about the Museum, without leaving the house.
    On the Site it is possible to learn about the founder of this Museum, the founder of the Russian Soil Science – Prof. V.V. Dokuchaev, about more than century history of the Museum, to make virtual excursion in the Underground Kingdom of Soils, will get acquainted with some exhibits of the Museum. If this Museum has interested and it wanted really will familiarize with an exposition here, it is possible to find the information on the Site of the Museum and a regime of its work, to make a choice the most pleasant excursion
  129. The Vasnetsov Brothers Art Museum
  130. State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve
  131. S.A. Esenin State Museum and Preserv
  132. House of Tales
  133. The Zelenograd State Museum of Local History
  134. Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Art
    The Official Web-site of The Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Art. It's the most full information about the museum (the history, staff). Our site tells about the rich and comfortable outline material about the collection of the museum, exposition, exhibitions, virtual excursions. You can found the published information for specialists and news block
  135. State Lermontov Museum-Preserv "Tarkhany"
  136. The Botanical Museum
    Our Botanical Museum was founded in 1826, and belongs to the oldest museums of St.Petersburg and of Russia. For the time being the Botanical Museum is department of the Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Our Museum is situated on Aptekarsky Island of the river delta of Neva, on the Botanical Garden.
    Expositions of the Botanical Museums are dedicated to vegetation of the Earth, plant evolution, and the use of plants by men.
    The world of plants is much more diverse than any exposition, and we would not to show exclusively the displays of the Botanical Museum. Please visit the Botanical Wilderness: perhaps, you find there something interesting…
  137. Nizhny Novgorod Historical-Architectural Museum-Preserv
  138. Prado Museum
    The Museum Prado was established in 1819 as the "Royal Museum of Painting and Sculpture" by King Ferdinand VII, with pieces from the royal collections amassed by earlier Spanish Monarchs, his forebears. The fundamental painting collections belong to the Spanish schools -the best represented- and the Italian and Flemish schools. On the web-site is represented the history of the Museum, information about collections, exhibitions and others
  139. Architectural-Etnography Museum "Talzy"
  140. The Cinema Museum
    The Musei kino (The Cinema Museum) is one of Russia's newest museums, but its history dates back almost 100 years. On the official web-site of the Museum is represented information about Museum's history. There are also some editions, news and others
  141. The State Museum "Tzarskoje Selo"
    The Tzarskoje Selo is a brilliant monument of world architecture and park and garden artistry of the 18th-20th centuries. A magnificent group of architects, sculptorsand painters brought the desires of their royal clients to fruition here. The official website of the State Museum" acquaints with its short history, unique collection, palaces and parks. Here you can find information about temporary and permanent exhibitions, cultural programs and ceremonies, concerts, riding school and many others
  142. Pereslavl-Zalessky Museum-reserve
  143. Bryansk State Museum of lore
  144. The Mining Museum of the St. Petersburg State Mining University
  145. Voronezh Regional Museum
  146. Tula State Arms Museum
    In 1724 at the Tula arms factory according to the order of Påter I they began to gather old guns, which later became the base of the museum collection. Today this collection is unique - it displays the evolution of arms since the late 16-th century till the present day. Russian, European and oriental weapons in the museum give a chance to compare achievements of Russian and foreign gunsmiths
  147. Ice Sculpture
    A site allows to get basic information about activity of unique Gallery of the Russian ice sculpture, including the permanent update of display, conducted measures, competitions and holidays, and also excursions and master-klass.
    On the site of Gallery it is also possible virtually to familiarize with history of its creation and look some works (ice sculptures) plugged in a display or created sculptors independently and yet not proposed on public in the format of gallery
  148. Vyatskopolyansky Historical Museum
  149. Chelyabinsk Regional Museum
  150. Togliatti Local History Museum
    On the website of Togliatty local hictory museum the prospective visitors can find all the necessary information: about the museum itself, its exhibits and expositions, excursion and lecture services, educational programs, events, projects, printed production and much more
  151. The State Stavropol Museum of Local Lore named G. Prozriteleva and G. Prave
  152. Museum of The History of Photography
    The Museum of the History of Photography (MHP) was founded in St. Petersburg on 18 August 2003. Its foundation was initiated by individuals as well as public institutions. The collection of MHP was formed through the unification of several private collections covering different areas of interest. Among those the extensive collection of V.V. Platonov is worthy of special mention. Besides the two halls for permanent exhibition, the museum's space includes four rooms for temporary exhibitions, storage rooms and a library.
    The prototype of MHP was the photography division at the Albertine Museum in Vienna, and the predecessor of the museum - an extensive exhibition based on the collection of V.V. Platonov in the Nikolay Roerich Art Institute
  153. Nicholas Roerich Estate Museum in Izvara
  154. Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts
    Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts is one of the biggest Art museums in the Urals. It always develops, add its collections and tell people about the art life of their mother land. The web-site will tell you about its history and collections. The most interesting items of the collections are represented on the site. The site has special section for museum specialists
  155. Exhibition Center St.Petersburg Union of Artists
    The official website of the Exhibition Center of St.Petersburg Union of Artists keeps visitors of the gallery informed of the history of the building, announcements and descriptions of the exhibitions, new projects and contains a lot of photo pictures. Also there is some useful information about the operation of the Union of Artists
  156. Sergey Andriyaka Water-colour school
    The Moscow state specialized school of water colorr with a museum and exhibition centre opened in the capital in 1999 with the support of the Government of Moscow and Mayor Yu.M. Luzhkov. The art director of this educational institution is Sergey Nikolayevich Andriaka, People’s Artist of Russia, and Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
    The main aims of the school are development of classical water colour painting, reference to an academic system of training, and acquisition, preservation and transfer to future generations the experience and traditions of old masters
  157. Horse Keeping Museum
    Colorfull page about the Museum of Horse-breeding and not so much about Museum of Fishing and Hunting
  158. State Historical Preserv "Gorki Leninskie"
  159. Museum-theatre "Iceage"
  160. A.S. Pushkin State Historical and Literature Museum and Reserve
  161. Yaroslavl State Historical and Architectural Museum-preserve
  162. Peredelkino
    PEREDELKINO: History, Museums, Writers Village, Landmarks, Real Estate, and the Literary Fund.
    The site was developed and is being maintained by Kira Vasilieva and Lev Lobov, both long-time Peredelkino residents.
    We greet all visitors who care about the history and culture of Russia, to come and tour the pages that offer a lot of authors’ original material dedicated to this great Russian Nature and Culture Reserve, PEREDELKINO. The English version offers just a glimpse of the knowledge wealth of the Russian pages
  163. Sahalin Regional Studies Museum
  164. Museum-Preserve "Gatchina"
    The palace-park ensemble of Gatchina had arisen in 60th years of a XVIII-th century. The centre of ensemble is the palace erected in 1766-1781 under the project of architect A.Rinaldi for the favourite of empress Catherine II Grigory Orlov. In 1783 Gatchina became residence of the successor of the Russian throne, the grand duke Pavel Petrovich, the future Russian Emperor Pavel I.
    About palaces and parks, their stories and architectural advantages are told by a memorial estate site. Besides, here the information on collections of a museum and offered programs-excursions, the literature on Gatchina, materials of conferences is presented, to news, etc.
  165. Ostafyevo State Museum "The Russian Parnassus"
  166. Lipetsk Regional Museum
  167. The A.S. Popov Central Museum of Communications
    The official website of the The A. S. Popov Central Museum of Communications tells a history of the museum and of the unique building it's accommodated in (the Bezborodko chancellor Palace), which was constructed upon Giacomo Quarenghi project. Besides, the website features news, description of the museum collections and expositions, exhibitions and projects, programmes for kids, published papers, scientific library etc.
  168. Museum of World Ocean
  169. The Irkutsk's Museum Of Regional Studies
  170. Leo Tolstoy Museum-Estate "Yasnaya Polyana"
    The Yasnaya Polyana estate is a unique natural preserve. Its old parks, orchards, and forests were witnesses to Leo Tolstoy's life.
    The landscape ensemble of the Yasnaya Polyana estate has a history of more than two centuries. Leo Tolstoy's great-grandfather, prince Sergey F. Volkonsky, had here a park of about ten acres. In the early 19 th century prince Nikolay S. Volkonsky, the writer's grandfather, created and realized his own project of the landscape and architectural design of the estate. In it he managed to find a felicitous combination of two styles existing in the Russian landscape architecture in those days - the French style (The "Wedges Park") and the English style (The English Park, or The "Lower Park). "All he had built here was not only solid and comfortable, but also very elegant. The same is true about the park he laid out near the house", - wrote Leo Tolstoy about his grandfather.
    After death of prince N. S. Volkonsky Yasnaya Polyana was inherited by his daughter Mariya, who was mother of Leo Tolstoy. The writer's father, count Nicholay I. Tolstoy, completed here the building of Empire-styled 32-room-house, extended the orchard and household area.
    On the website you can find the information about memorial stock and collections, forum, event calendar as well as the information how to get to Yasnaya Polyana. The history of the estate and museum is illustrated by photos from the museum stock
  171. Botanical Garden M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
  172. The State museum of Military History and Natural Reserve "The Kulikovo Field"
    The Kulikovo field is one of three Russian battlefields. It is the object of all Russian significance. In 1380, the largest Russian medieval battle took place on this site. Russian troops under the command of Moscow’s Prince Dmitry Donskoy were victorious over Mamai’s army. On the official web site you can find a lot of interesting information about events of the museum, history of the battle, information about our museums, excursions and many others
  173. The State historical memorial complex "Lenin`s hometown"
    The State historical memorial complex "Lenin`s hometown" was founded in 1984.nowadays its an architectural and landscape complex which unit within its borders historical, architectural and memorial monuments of the city, the memorable places which are connected with well-known historical figures of the region. The mission of the the Memorial estate museum is to keep, recreate and to present with the help of modern museum means the historical shape of a Russian provincial city of the second half of XIX century till the beginning of XX century
  174. The Vodka History Museum
    The Vodka History Museum has settled down in Kremlin in Izmailovo not by chance, but because Moscow became the origin of Russian vodka in XV century.
    Here you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with centuries-long history of Russian vodka, from its invention to the present day. In the museum exposition you can see the first distillation unit, by means of which burning wine was produced in the XVth century. You will learn the secrets of vodka production process as well as the main ingredients of the Russian national drink.
    Welcome to the Vodka Museum!
  175. Air Force Museum, Monino, Russia
    The web-site devoted to Air Force Museum in Monino, Russia which is very famous in Russia as well as abroad. Here is represented the photo-gallery of the unique items of the museum, photos of the Russian pilots and cosmonauts monuments, some Monino-related links
  176. Museum of Regional Studies of Kaluga province
  177. Saint-Petersburg Museum Of Wax Figures
    The museum specializes in arranging travelling exhibitions. Such exhibitions are displayed in many cities in Russia, Finland, Baltic States, Ukraine, Cyprus, USA. Among the exhibitions are “Biblical Stories”, “World History”, “History of Russia”, “The 20th Century”, “Old and New Myths”, “History of Punishments”, “Kunstkammer - a Museum of Curiosities”. About them tells the oficial web-site of the museum
  178. Krasnodar's Felitsyn State Historical and Archaeological Reserve
  179. The State Museum of Oriental Art. Caucasus Archaeology sector
    The funds of the East Caucasus Archaeology National Museum Branch is a unique collection of artifacts and art of the ancient population of the North Caucasus. The collection characterizes most of those regions. However, in the scientific circulation, through publications, directories and articles, there is more than 10% of the exhibits. 90% that are not included in the publication are of great interest for both domestic and foreign researchers. In 1997-2000 with support of the Russian Foundation for the Humanities image information retrieval system "Artefact-Caucasica" was created to promote these collections.
    The site provides the ability to search for the objects of Caucasian archaeological collection and offers information about the history of the archaeological study of the Caucasus with the help of the "Google Earth"
  180. The State Museum-Reserve of A.S. Pushkin "Mikhailovskoye"
    Mikhailovskoye is a patrimony of A.S. Pushkin's mother, his poetic native land, a place of spiritual coming into being of the poet. There he lived and created in 1817, 1819, 1824-1826, 1827, 1835 and 1836. This site acquaints us with the biography of the poet during his stay in Mikhailovskoye
    The interactive map of the memorial estate invites us to travel around the reserve, and the detailed information about the memorial estates, Svyatogorsky monastery, etc. gives us a full idea about a unique monument of Russian culture that is the State memorial historical-literary and natural-landscape museum-reserve of A.S. Pushkin "Mikhailovskoye"
  181. Leningradsky Zoo
    One of the oldest zoological gardens in Russia and one of the most northern in the world. On the web-site you can find the history of zoo, interesting storyes about rare animals, humour and more then 1000 excellent photoes
  182. Portal " Museums of Tatarstan"
  183. Theatre Dolls Museum
  184. Kareliya Museum of the Fine Arts
  185. Arkhangelsk regional museum of local lore
    Welcome to the website of Arkhangelsk regional museum of local lore, history and economy! We did our best to create it to be interesting and useful to you.
    Arkhangelsk regional museum is one of the oldest in the country. It’s exhibitions will introduce you to the rich nature and history of the Russian North. Arkhangelsk and the Russian North (Pomorye) played an exceptional role in the history of the country and you will feel it, having visited the age-old vaulted interiors of The Merchant Yard and seen the splendid monuments dating back to XII – XVIII centuries.
    There you will find out that the coast of the White Sea is one of the largest deposits of the Vend fauna in the world – the first living multicellular organisms on Earth, which existed between 650 – 550 million years ago will see large collections of river pearl that decorated Russian women’s clothing, carved bone caskets from Kholmogory known as ‘Arkhangel boxes’ in Europe. You will be told that the Russian tri-colour was first hoisted in Arkhangelsk . The region owns the largest diamond pipe in Europe and that ‘Dervish’ is not only a medieval pilgrim but also the name of the first Allies’ sea convoy during the World War II. Come to our museum. I am sure you will learn a lot of new and interesting facts for you. The head manager Vladimir A. Lubimov
  186. The Ostrovsky State Museum - Humanitarian Centre "Overcoming"
    Site of the State Museum – Humanitarian Centre “Overcoming” named after N.A. Ostrovsky offers to look at our exposition and exhibitions. Visitors can also find information about past cultural events and cultural events to be at the museum
  187. The State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan Republic
  188. Scientific-Research Museum of Art Academy
  189. The State museum of GULAG history
  190. The Piskaryovsky Memorial
  191. Museum "Russian Valenki"
    Museum site introduce the its history, goals of activity. The mane page represents exposition and excursion content. Foto-gallery maintains picture of museum hall, different art felt boots. There is information about price, location and extra suggestions
  192. Palekh
  193. Central Museum of Railway Transport
  194. Project "1812 year"
    "1812 year" is a virtual museum-project devoted to Patriotic War by 1812. The web-site tells about Russian and French participants of the historical events of 1812, memorials (Monuments of war 1812 in Smolensk and others), painters and their works
  195. The Russian museum of photography
    The web-site of the Russian museum of photography provides the visitors with information about history, exposition, fund and editions of the museum, about our excursions and photoschool. We regularly update news about exhibitions, festivals, master-classes etc.
  196. Marina Tsvetaeva Memorial flat & Museum Cultural Center
  197. A.N. Skryabin Memorial Museum
  198. The museum "Perm-36"
  199. Essentuki museum named V.P. Shpakovsky
  200. The historic-architectural and art museum-reserve "The Kazan Kremlin"
  201. Kemerovo Regional Museum of Lokal history
  202. Engels Regional Studies Museum
  203. Ulyanovsk Regional Art Museum
  204. "Gogol House" - memorial museum and scientific library
    The official website of the memorial museum and scientific library "Gogol House" is to familiarise the users with the history of this unique cultural property site, to give detailed information about ongoing guided tours, lectures, exhibitions and different cultural events. Also, there are huge electronic library with an advanced search system, Gogol's playbill with the most interesting Gogol-based performances all around the globe and an extensive scientific section dedicated to the writer at your disposal
  205. National Centre for Contemporary Art (Nizhny Novgorod branch)
  206. The Anna Akhmatova museum at The Fountain House
    Fountain House in Saint-Petersburg. Before the Revolution, 1917 this palace belong to count Sheremetev family. In our time Fountain House is well known as a building where for a long time the great Russian poetess Anna Akhmatova lived. The official web-site of the Museum in the Fountain House acquaints with the history of the museum and its today's activity - expositions, exhibitions research works as well as collections, catalogue of Anna Akhmatova portraits, video films about poetess and others
  207. "Dom Nashokina" Gallery
  208. Museum "The House on the Embankment"
  209. Maslyanino Regional Studies Museum
  210. Museum of History, Architecture and Fine Arts "New Yerusalim"
  211. The State Tobolsk Museum Reserve
  212. Elagin Island Palace-Museum of Russian Decorative and Applied Art and Interior Design 18th - 20th centuries
  213. Creativity and Life of GULAG
  214. The State Historical-Literary and Natural Museum-Reserve of A. Block
  215. The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan
  216. Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts
  217. Portal "Live Íistory"
    The Portal "Live Íistory" invites you to make a virtual travel to the past and to learn the interesting facts about East Prussian operation of the Soviet armies in 1945. On this site veterans of The Great Patriotic War have told about fights for East Prussia and its capital Kenigsberg, about war psychology, about a hard front life and about the post-war life. You can see interview, videoclips, audiofragments of memoirs, the unique photo albums. Also it is possible to find here statistical and contemporary records, historical articles about East Prussian operation.
    The Portal "Live Íistory" has been created by employees of the Kaliningrad regional museum of history and art on means of the grant received within the limits of III competition of social and cultural projects of the company "LUKOIL-KMN"
  218. Mordovia Repablican Regional Studies Museum
  219. Tomsk Regional Museum
  220. Museum of Furniture
  221. The State Tretyakov Gallery - 150
    22 of May 1856 is the date of the foundation of the Tretyakov Gallery. That day young collector Pavel Tretyakov bought first painting of Russian artist Khudyakov Finland smugglers encounter( ???) (1853).
    So it was the dawn of the first national museum of fine arts in Russia "public widely available depository of fine arts, someone can profit it, every one can admire". During last 150 years the Tretyakov gallery became one of the most important museums in Russia and in the world. But in addition to the official name of the treasury of national art the Tretyakov Gallery is the museum loved by millions. That is why the Gallery jubilee became so important event in the Moscow culture life
  222. Cyber museum in Murom
  223. Historical, Architerctural and Archaeological Preservation Museum of Staraya Ladoga
    The official web-site of the Museum of Staraya Ladoga introduces to the history of this land from 8th century to our time. On the web-site are represented information about museum collections - archaeological, ethnographical, art and others. You can go for a virtual walk on the vivid places of Staraya Ladoga and introduce to nature and architectural monuments
  224. Moscow Literary Museum Centre of K.G. Paustovsky
  225. The The National Museum of the Mari El Republic named after T. Evseev
    The site of the National museum of Mari El Republic of a name of T.Y. Yevseyev contains the information on spent exhibitions, actions, on bright events in museum life. On page of a site you can get acquainted with museum history, articles of research assistants of a museum, projects, printing and multimedia editions of a museum. Visitors can find the helpful information on constant exhibitions and expositions, museum-educational programs, seminars and the scientific conferences spent in a museum
  226. The Moscow State Museum "Bourganov's House"
    The Moscow State Museum "Bourganov's House" was founded by Full Member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, State Prize Winner, Professor Alexander Nikolaevich Bourganov on the basis of author's works and personal collection of the artist. The Museum is situated in the centre of Moscow not far from Old Arbat Street. On the official web-site of the Museum artists'works, the fragments of the expositions, information about past and new exhibitions are represented
  227. Perm State Art Gallery
  228. Karelian State Museum of Regional
    The museum was opened in 1871 and is the oldest one in the North-West Russia. The museum provides a clear and informative account of how the town grew. The museum collections include 160,000 objects which illustrate regional nature, archaeology, history, culture of the Russians, the Karelians and the Finn,. The museum is housed in the XVIIIth-century architectural ensemble of Round Square (Lenin square) - the first example of stone secular architecture in Karelia. The residence of the Olonets governor and offices were housed in these buildings as well as institutions of republican governing in the soviet times. The Department of Nature is placed not far from Lenin Square in the wooden residence once belonged to the head of the Olonets mining district (Engelsa 5)
  229. M.M. Prishvin Museum
  230. The Kostroma Museum Reserve
    The Site of the Kostroma State Historical, Architectural & Arts Museum Reserve comprises 7 sections:
    -The main pages where you can see the latest news of the Museum read press releases and learn what will take museum on the nearest days
    - News and announcements with more detailed information on events that taken place or will take place in the Museum. Here you can also see photos of important and bright events
    - Buildings, history, architecture. Here you can learn the creation history of the Museum, see photos of the Museum
    - Collections. Information on exhibits of the Museum is given here. The most valuable specimens - pride and glory of our Museum - are also presented here
    - Service. Rates for conducted tours et al are given
    - Branches. Inasmuch as our Museum has 16 branches in the region, information on each of them is given in this section: addresses, telephone numbers, exhibitions, valuable exhibits, planned exhibits. Photos of museums and their exhibitions are presented
    - Our contacts.
    Welcome to ourl Site!
  231. Âelgorod state museum of local history
  232. Bolshoi Theatre
  233. Zoological Museum of Moscow University
    You can virtually visit here the Zoological Museum of M.V.Lomonosov State University. This site will acquaint you with the Museum exhibition and excursions, with its scientists and their researches, with 200 years long history of the Museum and of its collections, with its quite peculiar library. Special attention is paid here to the people whose efforts for the long time of the Museum existence have been making it what it now is. We sincerely hope that you would become interested in the Museum and would wish to come to it some day
  234. Natural-Science Museum of Innovations
  235. The Saint-Petersburg Cats' museum
    There is some general information about the Cats' museum, our news, photos and many others. Now the site is under reconstruction
  236. Irkutsk regional art museum after the name of V.P. Sukachov
    Irkutsk Regional Art Museum After the name of V.P. Sukachev Irkutsk regional art museum is the richest treasury of fine art in Siberia. The museum was founded on the basis of the art gellery of the major of Irkutsk V.P. Sukachev assembled by him in the end of the 19-th century. At present the funds of the museum total over 16 thousand paintings, graphics, sculptures and samples of decorative - applied art. The collection contains small but extremely rare assembly of monuments of paleolitical art in the Region of the Bailal, one of the most significant collections of icons and wooden sculpture of the 15-18th centuries in Siberia including original icons of the Siberian letter. The most significant and interesting part of the collection is represented by the works of the Russian artists of the 18-20th centuries. Section of the Western-European art of 17-19th centuries include pictures of the recognized masters of Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria. The assembly of the countries of the Far East - mainly from China and Japan - is one of the best among the Russian museums. The Siberian portrait of the 19 century as well as the works of modern Irkutsk masters are of interest. The museum acquaints with the history of foundation of the collection, with the works of the exposition es well as with a detailed list of the books on art published by the museum. You can always receive the information on planned and now running exhibitions
  237. The Cosmonautics museum
  238. Holy Russia
    The exhibition "Holy Russia", opened on the initiative of Dmitry Medvedev, the president of the Russian Federation, is unique both in terms of its scale and significance. It shows some 450 works of Russian art, dating from the tenth to the nineteenth centuries, belonging to twenty-five local museums, libraries and archives, as well as a unique exhibit from the collection of the Louvre
  239. Bauhaus-archive museum of design
    Bauhaus-archive museum of design, Berlin is based on archives of Bauhaus, the most important phenomenon in 20th century design and architecture history. Much information on Bauhaus itself and the museum functioning. English and Deutsch
  240. The State Archeological Museum-Reserve Kostenki
    The official website of the State Museum-Reserve “Kostenki” presents the whole information about the museum history, famous Upper Paleolithic settlements and archeological investigations, brightest artifacts of collections and scientific publications, updated information for visitors
  241. Igrinsky Local History
  242. State Historical-Ethnographic and Architectural Museum-Preserve "The Old Sarepta"
  243. The United Museum of the Urals Writers
  244. Fersman Mineralogical Museum RAS
    One of the most exiting among the mineral museums of the world. Museum world wide collections include more then 135000 items. Among them natural crystals, geodes, druses and other kinds of mineral treasures. Articles made of stones by jewelers 18 - 20 centuries. Gemstones, Meteorites and much more
  245. Sverdlovsk Regional Studies Museum of History and Nature
  246. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" (S.-Peterburg)
  247. The State Museum and Reserv "Rostov Kremlin"
    The site of the Rostov Kremlin has a lot of textual information on the history, collection and architecture of the museum but without a translation into English. However, it also contains pictures of the architectural features of the Kremlin, as well as illustrated selections of the museums' other exhibits: paintings, glass, ceramics, furniture and silver
  248. Gallery. Photographer.Ru
    The web site of Gallery.Photographer.ru allows to get the main information about Gallery’s activities including its conception and work’s directions, authors, exhibition projects, work hours and location. You can visit every exhibition virtually using a mouse as a personal assistant.
    There is a special section devoted to the Gallery’s photo-shop presenting both new arrivals of photographic literature and second hand books
  249. The Museum of Circus Art
    This web page includes the information on the foundation of the Museum of Circus Art, its funds and exhibitions. The photographs of fund rooms and exhibition hall are placed. One can also find the information for students, artists, and excursion groups
  250. Yury Gagarin Museum
  251. Murmansk Region Art Museum
  252. Nabokov Museum
  253. Kaliningrad State Art Gallery
  255. The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
    The official web-site of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA). It is the organization, combining museum and exhibition activities with science research programs. The Centre aims to support the development of Russian contemporary art in the context of the international arts, to form and bring to life projects of contemporary arts, architecture and design in Russia and abroad. Here you can find artists' works, information about NCCA's branches and programs
  256. Museum "Krasnaya Gorka"
  257. Kursk Regional Studies Museum
  258. Novokuznetsk Art Museum
  259. Botanical Garden M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
  260. Museum of Cognac History
    The site of the Museum of the cognac`s history provides information about events of the museum, photos of some exhibits. Here you can also get acquainted with cocktail recipes based on cognac and rules of tasting
  261. Association "Photo Center"
    The official website includes detailed information about the activities of the association "Photo Center", exhibitions, projects, news, services and etc.
  262. The Museum of Non-Conformist Art
    The Museum of nonconformist art is an exhibition, science and archival center intended to research and promotion of nonconformist art as well as modern non-commercial art of Russia, Europe and America. The Museum is in close cooperation with the leading museums and exhibition halls: Hermitage, Russian Museum, St.Petersburg history Museum and others
  263. Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve
  264. Museum of history of architecture of Siberia
    News and events of the Museum of history of architecture of Siberia at the Novosibirsk state academy of architecture and fine arts official web-site
  265. National museum of Komi Republic
  266. Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum
  267. Altai State Museum of Fine Arts
    This is the Altai State Museum of Fine Arts official website. This continuously evolving resource introduces the history of the museum, its collections, exhibitions, structure, personnel, and activities to visitors. All the museum events are regularly updated on its pages. A special section is devoted to major projects of the museum and those who helped to implement them
  268. Tyva Repablican Regional Studies Museum named after Aldan Maadyr
  269. State Museum-reserve “Abramtsevo”
  270. The Museum of Modern Art (New York)
  271. The British Museum
    The British Museum holds in trust for the nation and the world a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures.
    The website is not merely a source of information about the collection and the Museum, but a natural extension of its core purpose to be a laboratory of comparative cultural investigation
  272. Academician Ivan P. Pavlov's Memorial Museum-Apartment
  273. Museum of National Drawing
  274. The Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts in Voronezh
    The Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts in Voronezh was opened in 1933. The basis of the Museum formed two old and very rich collections: the exhibits of the Museum of Antiquities and Fine Arts of Voronezh State University and the art collection of the Provincial Museum. Museum’s collection includes paintings, graphics, sculpture, archeology, numismatics, applied art, porcelain, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.
    The website of The Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts in Voronezh gives you information about itself, exhibitions, publications etc. Also our website invites you to the virtual tour through the Museum’s permanent exhibitions: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Western European and Russian origin paintings and graphics
  275. Naive Art Museum
  276. Gallery Izmailovo
    Gallery Izmailovo is in the Eastern district of Moscow, near the Izmailovo. To date, gallery acquires great fame as a venue for exhibitions of works by young artists. Another focus of the exhibition gallery is an exhibition of children's drawings.
    The website - information about the gallery, exhibitions, artists, etc.
  277. The State Museum of the history of cosmonautics named by K.E. Tsiolkovsky
  278. Elabuga State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve
  279. Ilmen State Reserve
    The Ilmen mountains - a place famous for its beautiful scenery and unmatched diversity of minerals - have always been a mecca for scientists and mineral enthusiasts worldwide. Scientific study of the area started over 200 years ago when Russia and Europe first got to knew about the mineral riches of the Ilmens. In 1920 the Ilmens were declared a mineralogical reserve: one of Russia's first natural reserves.
    The veb-site includes the sections: history of Ilmen Reserve, geology and mineralogy of the Ilmen Mountains, flora and fauna of Ilmen Reserve, the Natural Science Museum of Reserve
  280. Penza state museum of Regional Studies
    Website of Penza Museum of Regional Studies acquaints future visitors with the Museum's history, its collection and current exhibitions. In addition, the website provides information on the Museum's educational programs, clubs, festivals and scientific conferences. Certain pages are devoted to the Museum's divisions, particularly museums named after V.O. Klyuchevsky, I.N. Ul'yanov, N.N. Burdenko and Zolotarevskoe Gorodishe( site of ancient settlement)
  281. National Museum of the Republic of Adygeya
  282. The Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia
    The Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia is situated in St. Petersburg University of construction and means of communications. The Museum is housed in the building, which was specially built for it in 1902.
    Nowadays the Museum collections reflect the history of all components of railway transport: locomotives and carriages; communication, automation and means structures. There are unique models of steam engines, carriages, bridges, some of them being displayed at the international exhibitions in the XIX and beginning of the XX century, in particular in construction in Russia and the former USSR and about the formation and development of railway technology
  283. Biysk's museum of study of local area lore named after V.V. Bianki
    The new site of the museum (opened in January 2012) introduces its history, buildings, exposures and collections, its unique exhibits. Here the latest news on events, exhibitions and conferences held in the museum
  284. The Krasnoyarsk Museum Center
  285. Chuvash State Art Museum
    Official site of Chuvash State Art Museum. Consist brief history of museum, description of main departments, database with hundreds of pictures (from famous russian painter Rokotov to early soviet avantgardist Falk!) with search engine. The biggest info resource about chuvash national art!
  286. Tomsk Art Museum
  287. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870. At the present tense the Museum's collection contains more than two million works of art from all points of the compass, ancient through modern times. On the official web-site of Metropolitan Museum comfortable search system helps you to find information about Metropoliten collections. The web-site also tells about activity of the Metropolitan Museum's branch, research and educational work, exhibitions and many others
  288. Museum-reserve "Izborsk"
  289. Rosneft Oil Company Museum
  290. The museum-reserve "Divnogorie"
  291. Pskov Historical, Architectural and Art Museum Complex
  292. The Tambov Region Museum of Medicine History
  293. Kislovodsk Historical - Regional Studies Museum "Fortres"
  294. Vatican Museums
  295. Hakasiya Republic Regional Studies Museum
  296. St. Petersburg Art Centre
    The gallery founders aim to promote both emerging Russian talent and established names. St. Petersburg Art Center presents major exhibitions by the artists whose works perform Russian traditional school of painting, sculpture, artistic graphics and other kinds of contemporary fine art
  297. The Museum of the History of Ekaterinburg
  298. Chuvashia National Museum
  299. Museum “Samotsvety”
  300. Sergievo-Posadskiy State History-Art Museum-Preserv
    The Sergei Posad museum/monastery complex is comprised of more than 50 edifices, dating from 1340, and is one of Russia's most treasured artistic monuments. The site has detailed information and pictures about every building, as well as more general sections including exhibitions and links to other sites
  301. Chelyabinsk Region Art Museum
    Chelyabinsk Region Art Museum presents the Art museum of the universal classical type in terms of its character and the content of its collection and activity.
    The collection of the Picture gallery comprises more than 11 thousand of pieces of painting, sculpture, drawing, decorative and applied arts and crafts, including house architectural wooden carving of old Chelyabinsk. Here we can find the following collections: arts of Europe and the West, Russian art of Middle Ages, the art of the New and the Newest time, modern art
  302. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
  303. The Russian museum: virtual branch
    "The Russian museum: virtual branch" is an innovative interregional and international project of The Russian musuem, the basic idea of which is making the biggest collection of Russian national art accessible for everyone. The possibilities of modern computer technologies let us realize claimed project by opening the informatonal-educational centers "The Russian museum: virtual branch" all around Russia and abroad on the base of cultural and educational organizations.
    All information about project, participants, resources and virtual branch's events are on the official web-site of the project "The Russian museum: virtual branch"
  304. The Astrakhan State Art Gallery
    The web site of the Dogadin Art gallery of Astrakhan offers visitors to make a virtual tour about permanent and temporary expositions taking place in the museum halls and get acquainted with everyday life of the modern museum. The site gives to potential visitors of the museum a detailed information concerning the history of the museum foundation, its affiliated branches, excursion and lecture facilities, children’s and teen-age’s studios, interactive programs, scientist’s conferences, projects and many other museum events. Web visitors have at their disposal a comfortable navigation, virtual city map, showing how to get to the museum and feedback as well
  305. The Belgorod state museum of the folk culture
    On the site the detailed information for visitors of a museum about the history of the creation of the museum, its exhibits and actions is presented. On the site the information about departments of the museum and its employees contains. Here it is possible to see expositions of the museum with their description, and also the description of actions taking place in the museum.
    The exposition and museum funds where unique monuments of the traditional culture of Belgorodchiny are presented, opens ample opportunities for the creation of educational programs of the ethnographic maintenance and promotes spiritual- education of rising generation. excursion, lecture, the game and dramatized employment acquaint children and teenagers with edge history, show a national life, a suit, dwelling of our ancestors, traditional crafts and Christianity symbols. Last years in a museum there was a museum calendar of the dramatized holidays on a national calendar. Visitors of actions are the Belgorod families – members of parental club "Center", preschool children, schoolboys, students of HIGH SCHOOLS, including foreign students to whom the traditional national culture of Russia as a whole, and our corner of the world in particular is interesting, etc.
  306. The Omsk M.A. Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts
  307. Kazan State Medical University
    Kazan State Medical University - one of the oldest and largest medical Universities in Russia. Higher medical education in Kazan dates back to 1804 when the Department of Medical Sciences was founded at the Kazan Emperor University organized according to the Emperor Alexander I order.
    In 1930 Medical Faculty was reorganized in to Kazan Medical Institute, since 1994 it has been functioning as Kazan State Medical University. Nowadays Kazan State Medical University includes more than 750 faculty members working at 64 departments, and students from different parts of Russia and foreign countries can study at 7 different faculties.
    One of the oldest Departments of Kazan State Medical University - Department of Normal Human Anatomy - is located in the unique building of Anatomy Theatre built in 1837. Anatomy Theatre of Kazan State Medical University is the only still functioning Anatomy Theatre in the world
  308. Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts named after P.S. Gamzatova
  309. Arseniev State Museum of Promorskiy Region
    Our website offers announcements of up-coming events and the latest news of the biggest museum system of Primorskiy region, which includes the Museum Exhibition Center of Arseniev State Museum, Memorial Vladimir K. Arseniev Museum House, Sukhanov's family Museum House, Museum of Arseniev History, Museum of Dalnerechensk History, Museum of Lesozavodsk History, Museum of Partizansk History and Memorial Literal Museum of Alexander A. Fadeev.
    At the web-site you may also learn more about the museum history, structure, exhibitions and collections. You will also find information about exhibition projects, museum expeditions, Far Eastern historical events calendar and a constantly updating online historical library.
    Every month, the visitors of the web-site could get a deeper insight at most interesting items from private collections of the Arseniev State Museum.
    Welcome to the Arseniev State Museum of Primorskiy Region Official Homepage!
  310. Museum of the history of the don cossacks
  311. Bryansk regional art museum-exhibition center
    The Bryansk Regional Artistic Museum and Exhibition Centre's site calls attention about exhibits now on view, familiarizes with the constant exposition and the foundation of organization. There are information about weekend-studios, excursions and lectures for all categories of people presentation on the site
  312. Russian Museum of Forest
  313. Foto Soyuz
  314. The Charitable Foundation by name of Helena Roerich
    The Charitable Foundation by name of Helena Roerich was established in 1998 to finance the programs for popularization the Roerichs' legacy (transferred by Svetoslav Roerich to The International Center of the Roerichs in 1990) and cultural programs working for spiritual revival of Russia's Peoples
  315. The A.A. Deineka Picture Gallery of Kursk
  316. Solovki State Historical, Architectural and Natural Museum-Reserve
  317. Art Gallery KGallery
  318. Shazina Gallery
    Shazina Gallery started as a small domestic salon which brought us back to the times of the «underground» art. The creators of the gallery devoted much time and efforts to search of the most interesting works of contemporary artists. The purpose of Shazina Gallery is not restricted by the aspiration to demonstrate the variety of fine arts and to enrich your understanding of it. The gallery would be happy, considering the tastes and requests of the connoisseurs of art, without imposing its own preferences, but of course passing everything through the prism of its own understanding of the beautiful, to assist you to find your own bearings in the world of the modern art and maybe even to create your own collection
  319. Uglich Historian-art Museum
  320. Borey Art Centre
  321. The Paleontological Institute
    This is a short unofficial site that takes visitors on an excursion around the Moscow Paleontological Museum, with pictures and descriptions of the exhibits. The site also has information about the joint initiative between the museum and the University of California, who sponsored the site
  322. The State Museum of Nature and Man
    The official site of the State Museum of Nature and Man suggests getting acquainted with the history of the museum development, the collection of the unique items, constant exposition "The Link of Times", temporary exhibitions. The site presents the research works and publications of the museum specialists, culture-educational programs, the projects of new exhibitions and expositions, the results of scientific-research expeditions, the bright news line, and information about the work of the museum divisions, guidance, children studios, and interactive programs for children. You can ask the questions to the museum specialists and get qualified answers at the site forum "Question to the specialist"
  323. The Federation museum of professional education
  325. Schusev State Museum of Architecture
    The Schusev State Museum of Architecture is the first in the world specialized museum of architecture. It was founded by the initiative of the Union of Soviet architects in 1934. Its collections reflect thousand years of Russian architecture's history; they are indeed a national treasure. By a decree of the President of Russia from January 24th 1995 it obtained a status of an "extra valuable object of cultural heritage of people of the Russian Federation"
  326. Petersburg City Palasce of Youth Creativity
  327. Collections of Rybinsk State Historical-Architectural and Artistic Preserve Museum
  328. Kremlin in Izmailovo
    Kremlin in Izmailovo is a unique cultural and entertainment complex which was created on the basis of the world famous Vernisage in Izmailovo souvenir market.
    Here everyone can find occupation according to their interest: cheerful holidays, educational tours, master-classes in traditional Russian handcrafts, delicious meals in the restaurants and cafes. For children we can offer joyful games, adults can visit our museums, young couples can celebrate their wedding here, for businessmen there is the business-center.
    In addition, there are presents and souvenirs, horse riding, feeding tame pigeons and lots of other amusements for every guest.
    Come to the Kremlin in Izmailovo – a unique place in Moscow where the Russian history and fairy-tale are deeply intertwined with the present!
  329. Tula Samovars
  330. National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos (Sevastopol)
    We are very happy to welcome you to our site. Chersonesos is one of the leading attractions of Crimea and consequently, there is already a great deal of information about it available on the Internet. However, ours comes firsthand from the scholars, scientists, and employees who work at Chersonesos. Also, the site is a direct link to us, so that for example, you can ask us questions and sign up for excavations.
    Our future plans include the web publication of an encyclopedia about Chersonesos. But in the meantime, don't despair if you see a page "under construction" - we are working daily to complete the site, so please visit us and see - is there anything new? - because there certainly will be!
  331. Kozjmodemiansk
  332. Nenetskiy Okrug Regional Studies Museum
  333. Russian Center for Museum Teaching and Children's Art
  334. Reserve Museum "Dmitrovsky Kremlin"
  335. Lazarev Gallery
    An official site contains general and detailed information about all the events that take place at Gallery including the current exhibition, about all the exhibited artists, including their biography, participation in exhibitions and gallery of paintings. Also you can see a section “On offer”, where anyone can see paintings set out. A “Media” section lets to find out different opinions, reviews and articles of mass-media representatives about an activity of Gallery. There is a guest book on the site. Information is regularly updated
  336. Novosibirsk Regional Studies Museum
    Information about historic, anthropologic and cultural collections of Siberia. Also very interesting virtual exhibitions
  337. The Stationmaster's House
  338. Museum complex of small arm of M.T. Kalashnikov
  339. Ethnography Museum of Zabaikalia people
  340. Fyodor Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum
  341. Tver Regional Art Gallery
  342. Magadanskiy Regional Studies Museum
  343. Museum of History and Archaeology of Nadym
    The museum website provides detailed information about exhibits, temporary exhibitions and cultural events of our museum. You can learn about the history of the museum, the duty, tour and lecture services, fund collections, read interesting articles of our employees and get acquainted with the museum staff
  344. Town local-history museum
  345. Museum of industrial culture
    An official site of a polytechnic museum of industrial culture. Museum collection keeps the relics of technique and everyday life, created in Russia and the USSR from 80 years of XIX c. to 80 years of XX c. and belonging to the most various branches - cars, home appliances, clothing and accessories, musical instruments, child's toys. Museum pieces are shown in the form of changing exhibitions reconstructing one or another fragment of the reality of the last century.
    Visitors of the site can get to know expositions and collection of the Museum, latest news, stories about museum events, retro festivals and holidays which have taken place here
  346. Count Ostermann House
    Count Ostermann House. Today in this private residence All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts is situated. The author of the site Vitallium Dvorakovsky worked at this Museum for 12 years. There is his story about the history of this Moscow estate of the end of the XVIII century and its former owners on the web-site. The most part of information is represented in Russian
  347. The Kursk State Regional Museum of Archeology
  348. Priory
  349. "Chertanovo" Gallery
  350. Derbentskiy Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Preserv
  351. Museum of ice in park Sokolniki
  352. Exhibition Hall of Federal State Archives
  353. Vyshtinets museum of culture and environment
  354. Yamalo-Nenets Regional Museum Complex of I.S. Shemanovsky
  355. Falconry Museum
    The Internet-site of the Falconry Museum provides tools to get acquainted with and learn about the Falconers of all times and cultures, and virtually travel in time and space. The site is a possibility to get know many people from different parts of Russia and all over the world about Museum's collections of art objects, falconry equipment, natural birds of prey
  356. Ice-breaker "Krassin"
  357. Kurgan Art Museum
    Website of the Kurgan Regional Art Museum, one of the major cultural institutions in the Urals, is designed for a wide audience of different age range, including readers who are interested in the theme of art and artists and art professionals who are directly involved in many museum events.
    Constantly updated news reportage with photographs and reproductions of works presented at the new exhibitions, allows readers to keep abreast of the major events of the museum
  358. The Stat Museum of Military Glory of Saratov
  359. Serpukhov`s Museum of History and Art
  360. Barabinsk museum of local lore
  361. International Children’s Internet Gallery
  362. XL Gallery
  363. Gallery of arts "Gallery N"
  364. Murom`s History and Art Museum
    The Murom Historical and Art Museum is often called "a small Hermitage" in spite of the "chamber" character of its expositions. The Museum saves unique collections of icons, material, manuscripts, photos, coins, honors, medals, weapons, graphics, glass, ceramics, porcelain and many other. On the official web-site of the Museum are represented information about Museum, its collections, ancient Russian town Murom, news about exhibitions and conferences and many others. English version under construction
  365. Virtual Catalog of Ikons
  366. ART re.FLEX Gallery
    The gallery aspires to display as more as possible full on this site the information on participants of each exhibition, their works, art criticism articles. Here you can find biographies of artists, photos of the artworks presented in gallery, learn about new and passed exhibitions, projects and actions
  367. The Museum of Kazan School of Chemistry
  368. Museum of Ukraine
  369. "ARCH" Art-Gallery
    The official web-sight of "ARKA" art-gallery, wich represents the projects with St`Petersburg`s artists and also with foreign partners since 2005
  370. Dyatkov Cut-Glass Plant
    Exhibits from a rare collection at the Dyatkov cut glass factory, which produced special services for the Kremlin, cups for championships, vases and decorative glass. The site includes sections on the current work at the factory, on the various 'masters' who have worked there over the years and all sections have picures of the relevant glass pieces
  371. Astrakhan State United of Historical, Architectural Museum-Reserve
  372. Repablican Art Museum named after Ts.S. Sampilov
  373. The Vologda State Museum-Preserve of History, Architecture and Decorative Arts
    The web-site of the Vologda Museum-preserve contains information about history, fund, architectural monuments and museum expositions. There is also information about museum branches. Contact telephones help to order excursions or find necessary department. Each part of the web-site has attractive pictures. Besides, most site materials will be renewed in the nearest future. The English version of the web-site is being prepared right now and will be available for users very soon
  374. The Museum of Photography "Metenkov's house"
  375. St. Petersburg State Roerich Family Museum-Institute
    The St. Petersburg State Museum-Institute of the Roerich Family is situated on Vasilyevsky Island, in M. Botkin's Mansion visited by Nicholas Roerich at various times. The memorial exposition of the Museum is based on the heritage kept by Lyudmila Mitusova, the niece of Elena Roerich, and her family.
    The website of the Museum has been updated and is actively in operation. The convenient navigation allows you to find out any information as to the opening hours of the Museum, its history, the Roerich family, the current events and exhibitions. We also publish scientific materials on the subject, keep the photo album that reflects all the events in the
    Museum's life, and place announcements of upcoming seminars, meetings, conferences, festivals as well as publications dedicated to the Roerichs' life and work and other related topics
  376. Natural History Museum
  377. Art gallery "Lavrushin"
  378. I.D. Sytin Museum
  379. Versailles
  380. All-Russian Exhibition Centre
  381. Museum of hunt and fishing
  382. Armavir museum
    News site in Armavir museum. The website for news of the museum, get acquainted with the history and work of the museum and its special tours and lectures, view slides, etc.
  383. The Perm Krai Museum
    The Perm regional museum is the largest and most visited museum of the Perm edge. More than 119 years employees of a museum carefully and attentively collect, study and represent a natural and historical and cultural heritage of our region. Today the museum is an original treasury, possessing various meeting of monuments of history and culture on the importance far surpassing regional value. Our site will help you to learn about riches and uniqueness of our collections, about expositions and exhibitions, about forms of work of a museum, its employees and many other things
  384. Exhibition hall of the Association of Painters (Moscow Artists Union)
    The history of the Association of Painters of Moscow Art's Union started in April 23, 1932. The Association absorbed artists from a number of art communities of that time including such well-known figures as A. Valter, Fedor Bogorodskiy, Petr Williams, Aleksandr Deyneka, Pavel Kuznetsov, Aristarkh Lentulov, Ilya Mashkov, Viktor Perelman, Pavel Rodimov, Georgiy Ryazhskiy, Vladimir Favorskiy. In addition to that mentioned many other famous artists have worked in the Association, e.g.: V. Baksheev, A. Gerasimov, K. Istomin, P. Korin, Kukryniksy, I. Krymov, A. Kuprin, A. Labas, A, Tyshler, C. Luchishkin, S. Malyutin , S. Lebedeva, V. Mukhina, A. Osmerkin, A. Plastov, V. Rozhdestvenskiy, P. Sokolov-Skalya, V. Tatlin, R, Falk, L. Turzhanskiy, A, Shevchenko and many others
  385. Kazan Museum of G.Tukay
  386. Museum of History of the NITEL
  387. Jalutorovsky museum complex
  388. Le Louvre
    The Louvre's Louver history derived from 18th century when Philip Augustus had built the powerful fortress for defensive warfare. Today Louver is one of the greatest world museums. The Louver guards collections of the remarkable work of art - collections of paintings, sculptures, engravings, drawings, goblins, ivory items, porcelain, ceramics, bronze… The official web-site of the museum tells about Louvre's history, its collections, expositions and exhibitions, educational programs, excursions and last events
  389. Bolgar State Historical and Architectural Reserve
  390. Iskitim museum of history-art
  391. A.S.Pushkin State Literary-Memorial and Nature Preserve Boldino
  392. Kharkov zoo
    The web-site of Kharkov zoo tells you about its history. Interesting stories about animals, photogallery, iinformation about young zoologists and biologists' club, map of the zoo in details - all this you'll find on these pages. Only in Russian
  393. Tambov Museum of Regional Studies
    About Tambov Museum of Regional Studies
  394. ARTETAGE - The Museum of Modern Art, FENTU
    The site contains photos of building of Artetage Museum and its rooms, parts of the head landscape ground (it is situated not far from the museum), tells about history of establishing Artetage Museum and about exhibitions
  395. Museum of Russian Kerchiefs and Shawls in Pavlovski Posad
  396. Tuman Zhumabaev
    According to Elena Obraztsova Tuman Zhumabaev's art is a place where Love meets Sun, Nature ties in with Art, Heart sings for Joy, Skill combines with Gift, and Music marries Painting. The artist's pictures radiate warmth and joy. One takes great enjoyment in watching Tuman's canvases. That is the main target we pursued when making this website. We'd like to believe that after meeting Tuman's paintings, one will feel more Beauty in his or her heart than ever
  397. State Museum of the History of Literature, Art and Culture of Altay
  398. The State Arts and Culture Museum of Novgorod Land
    The State Arts and Culture Museum of Novgorod Land was founded in 1994 as the Centre of art creativity. The official status of the State Museum was got on April 2002. There are history of the Museum, information about current, future exhibitions and other events that take place in the halls of the Museum on the official website
  399. The Museum of entrepreneurs, patrons of art and philanthropists
  400. Roslavle Historical and art Museum
  401. The Museum Boevoj Slavy of the 11th Guards Krasnoznamennaya army
    The site of Museum Boevoj Slavy of the 11th Guards Krasnoznamennaya army offers to make a virtual excursion devoted to the 11th Guards army's heroic fighting way, beginning from its formation in 1940 to the capture of Konigsberg city-fortress in 1945.
    The Museum's expositions include (count) more than 3000 objects of big historical value. On this site you can see the weapons of military years and modern rifle arms. The Museum's everyday life and the activity of searching group and military-historical club are represented on the photos
  402. Krasnoiyarsk Art Museum
  403. Electronic Archive Corporation
  404. National Gallery of the Komi Republic
  405. Museum "Archaeology, Ethnography and Ecology of Sibiria" of Kemerovo State Universiti
    The history of the museum “Archaeology, ethnography and ecology of Siberia” begins in 1970-s when Pr. A. I. Martynov (head of the Chair of Archaeology) and Pr. T. N. Gaguina (head of the Chair of Zoology) initiated the creation of zoology and archaeology museums. In 1980 the museums were open. The materials presented in the museums have been collected by teachers and students of Archaeology and Zoology faculties during 30 years.
    Since 1997 the museums merged. Today the museum is a big University unit with a library, photography collection, archive, restoration and taxidermy workshops, repositories, lecture-rooms
  406. The State Museum Association “Art Culture of the Russian North”
    The museum was founded in 1960 on the basis of the art collection of the Archangel Local History Museum. The collection of the art museum at that time contained about one thousand and a half works of art and held mostly works by artists from the area. It also included few works of Ancient Russian art and about thirty paintings by Russian artists, donated to Archangel by the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1916 and by the Russian State Museum of St Petersburg in 1930.
    In contrast to the most famous Russian museums whose origins lie in gifts and bequests from a variety of donors and patrons, the Archangel Museum of Fine Arts developed its collections by means of an active acquisitions policy based on numerous expeditions to outlying parts of the region mostly in 1960-s – 1980-s. As a result of this policy the Museum has a unique collection of Ancient North Russian art (medieval icons and wooden sculptures), rich holdings of North Russian folk art (peasant festive and every-day costumes, embroideries, weaves, wooden carved and painted objects, artistic metalwork, ceramics), works by almost all the best-known Russian artists of the 18th-20th centuries
  407. Berezniki Historical and Art Museum, named after I.F. Konovalov
  408. The Kargopol state Museum of history, architecture and art
  409. Art Gallery of A. Shilov
    State Moscow Picture Gallery of A. Shilov, people's artist of the USSR is unique culture center of Russia. There were collected more than 900 works by Alexander Shilov which he donates to Homeland. These paintings are the reflection of beauty of the human soul and complexity of our time.
    On the site you can see the virtual exposition of the best artist's masterpieces he ever made and also new works by A. Shilov which enrich the gallery every year. You can visit an archive of publications and video archive, which contains the best films of the multifaceted and profound philosophy of the artist's creation. Also there are lots of photo materials. On our site you can find information about concerts of classical music, literary and musical evenings, meetings with the heroes of canvases by Shilov which are very often hold in the halls of the gallery. Here you can also find useful information for visitors (work schedules, excursions, prices, etc.)
  410. Surgut Art Museum
  411. Gallery 21
  412. Nikolay Rubinstein Museum
  413. I.A.Goncharov Ulianovskiy Regional Studies Museum
  414. The Restoration Department by State Russian Museum
  415. Dimitrovgrad Regional Studies Museum
    The site enables visitors to learn about the history of the museum, the permanent exhibitions, fairs, museum staff, to monitor the news and important events and activities. Gallery provides an opportunity to see what is happening with my own eyes. Section will contact the contact the museum on the internet and other meansof communication
  416. Museum "Zaraysky Kremlin"
  417. Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts after the name of Erzia
  418. The Stat Museum Estate of N.G. Chernyshevsky
    The museum of N.G. Chernyshevsky (1828-1899), a prominet writer and public figure, has been existing in Saratov for 89 year alrady. Now a days there is whole complex of museum buildings on the territory of the former town estate of the Chernyshevskies-Pypins who have a two-century history. The museum conducts a vigorous cultural educational and scientific work. Its rich collections indude the inique exhibits that reflect the life and activities of N.G. Chernyshevsky in the context of his time.
    The museum possesses a number of very interesting collections. A team of museumscientific workers is engaged in working out of the thems connected with biography and creative work of N.G. Chernyshevsky and promotes his scientific, literacy and publicistic legacy
  419. Sergey Kirov Museum
    The Sergey M. Kirov’s Museum, the branch of the State Museum of the History of Saint Petersburg is situated in the historic center of Saint Petersburg.
    The Museum was opened in Leningrad in 1938. It is located on Kamennoostrovsky avenue 26/28, where in one of the comfortable apartment from 1926 till 1934 Sergey M. Kirov did live. The Party leaders Josef V. Stalin, Klim E. Voroshilov, Sergo K. Ordjonikidse, visited this apartment
  420. The Bogoroditsk Palace-Museum and Park
  421. Novokuznetsk Literature and Memorial Museum F.M. Dostoyevsky
  422. Another St. Petersburg. Stories, photos, legends and history of St. Petersburg
    The mission of the project - to show not only the parade, but Other Petersburg. The site tells the history and urban legends, past and forgotten about places that are not all interesting people and events as well
  423. The Other Art Museum
  424. National Park-Museum and Conservation Aria "Park Monrepo"
    The official web-site of Monrepos Park Museum (Vyborg) is addressed to all who know and love Monrepos Park, and to all who wish to visit it for the first time. We are glad to tell from the pages of our web-site about history of unique landscape park, its owners and its main sights, and about the structure of our museum and its activity.
    We inform about museum programs and services which we glad to present to our visitors. You will find the actual information on forthcoming events and the reports on the last events. The guest book is available. The visitor can leave the remarks and also ask his (her) questions to our stuff.
    Archival photos of Monrepos (XIX-XX centuries) and photos of modern park have been placed in “Gallery” page. We hope our web-site can draw attention to 250 anniversary of Monrepos Park celebrated in 2010.
  425. Perm wooden skulpture
  426. Museum "Gorod"
  427. State Memorial Museum of F.Tyutchev
  428. The Museum "Breaching the Blockade of Leningrad"
  429. Park of Arts Museon
  430. Moscow State Vadim Sidur Museum
  431. Petersburg Dolls Museum
    Detailed site of The Dolls Museum with a hospitable interface will show you the magic world of dolls. Everyone can look through special museum programs, its history, photos of exhibitions, write comments in "guests book" and learn something new and interesting about dolls
  432. National Museum of Sweden
  433. Sebezhsky Museum of Local Lore
    Sebezhsky Museum of Local Lore was founded in 1927 by enterprising group of teachers. Well-illustrated official web-site of the Museum represents information about nature of the Region, the history of the peoples from late Stone Age to the beginning of the XX century and others. Only Russian version
  434. Historical and ethnographical museum-reserve "Shushenskoye"
  435. The museum - apartment of M. Jalil
  436. Architecture and Ethnography Museum of Vologda Region
    The web-site of the architectural and ethnographical museum of the Vologda region is an informational resource – one can get information about history of the museum, its expositions, events, excursions and projects organized here. Contact information and pictures are also available.
    At present the web-site is being developed and very soon new parts of the resource will be done – they supply reverse contacts with visitors, ordering excursions and others
  437. Fine Arts Museum
  438. Marat Guelman Gallery
  439. Polenovo Museum and Reserve
    The State Memorial History, Art and Natural Museum Reserve is one of the biggest and most famous in Russia and abroad. 100 years ago in this wonderful estate the famous Russian artist Vasily Polenov lived and worked. The area of 870 hectares includes the original House Museum, Polenov's Abbey Studio, workshops, Byokhovo St.Trinity Church, all designed by Polenov, as well as a park, a garden, surrounding grasslands, forests and farmlands. On the Museum official web-site you can make virtual walk and see poetry and beauty of this country. Here you'll pick up information about Polenov's biography, the history of the Museum and its collections
  440. The State Fedin Museum
    The site acquaints with life and K.A.Fedin's creativity, history of creation and a museum exposition, its poster, unique exhibits and other funds of a museum. The detailed information for the future visitors of a real museum of the K.A. Fedin's museum is presented: about excursion and lecture service, price-list, clubs, interactive programs, scientific conferences, projects, publications and many other things. To services of visitors of a site a search engine
  441. Na Solyanke gallery
  442. Museum "Bichurin and modernity"
  443. State Lermontov Museum
  444. The Cossacks museum
    This site is represented by Cossacks museum in internet. It elucidates the work of the museum, speaks about museum’s collection, exhibitions, tastings and many other. There are also an information about a new projects begin put into practice. Also the site contains an archives of ancient photos, books, newspapers, maps and other documents. The collections is permanently enriching all the documents is available for downloading
  445. Vologda regional picture gallery
  446. The Khimki Picture Gallery
    The Khimki Picture Gallery was founded in 1992 by Professor Sergei Nikolayevich Gorshin, Dr. of Engineering Sciences, Merited Worker in Science and Technology of the RSFSR, a prominent scientist and citizen living in Khimki. The gallery was founded on the basis of his personal collection of paintings and works of graphic art of the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries, which he donated to the city. The gallery features works of Russian artists of the pre-peredvizhnik period, the Society of Travelling Art Exhibition, the Union of Russian Artists, the World of Art, Soviet realism of the 1930s and some other associations and trends
  447. Mansard of artists
    Project "Mansard of artists" was conceived and started in the beginning of this century - in the warm winter of 2001. Gallery made an appearance in the mansard of the building in modern style. The doors of gallery were always open to every artist. Therefore it was called "Mansard of artists".
    In 2005 gallery was a prizewinner of the international festival "Master-class" in the nomination "Public gallery". Since that time this name was inextricably linked with us. Over the years everything was changed. "Mansard of artists" removed from attic to the first floor. But openness of the gallery to the all artists stays invariably.
    Website of the gallery is in fact an electronic catalog. It aims to make your search or artworks maximal convenient and effectiveness
  448. Museum the Kondraty Belov
    Official site of the Omsk Museum of People's Artist of Russia, K.P. Belov offers to get acquainted with the life and work of the largest Siberian painter, master of the epic landscape Kondrati Petrovich Belov as well as to learn the history of the house and its original owner, large businessman F.F. Stumpf.
    It introduces into the history of the museum. It gives detailed information about the museum, its collections, conducted tours, lectures, exhibitions, various cultural actions, the clubs and more. Also there are images gallery, museum posters and news
  449. The Pushkin Museum in Gurzuf
    The website of the museum contains information about the period of the life of young Alexander Pushkin he spent in Crimea at the beginning of the 19th century.
    On the website you can also find the history of the museum, formerly the residence of Armand-Jean du Plessis, duc de Richelieu. It describes how the museum was founded and the exceptional people who contributed to its creation, such as B.V. Tomashevsky, a well-known scholar of Pushkin's works, professor D. Lihachev, poet M. Dudin and others.
    The search tool of the website will help you find articles and publications about Pushkin's time in Crimea, Tomashevsky's life , and Crimea at the beginning of the 19th century.
    You will also find recent news and announcements about the museum, hours of operation and admission rates
  450. The Russian Country Estate
    Non-profit-making partnership "Russkaya usadba" (The Russian Country Estate) was founded in April, 2000, with the assistance of the Russian Country Estate Studies Society, Institute of Natural and Cultural Heritage in the name of D.Likhachev (Russian Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation), open joint-stock company "Moscow Development Institute" and a group of enthusiasts.
    The Russian country estate is an outstanding realm of the national cultural heritage, a unique phenomenon of the world culture. The country estate is a living structure implying the nature and architecture, great poetry and economic practicability, the splendor of capitals and a quiet comfort of the province. The country estate is inseparable from the names of many state figures and military leaders, scholars, architects and artists who contributed to the glory of Russia. But this world, being the pride of the Russian culture, is on the verge of vanishing and transforming into legends by losing its shape and evidence. Few country estates, which have survived, may be lost forever within the next decades
  451. Republic of Karelia Museum Agency
  452. N. Rimsky-Korsakov
  453. The museum of Siberian Branch of Russian academy of Sciencies
  454. The Museum of Local Lore of Mendeleevsk
  455. Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy
    The Museum was founded in 2008. Its organizers managed to collect a quantity of calligraphic artworks of various ethnographic origins: from traditional Chinese and Japanese works to Russian lettering paintings. Among the exhibit items there is an exclusive script copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation by calligrapher Petr Chobitko
  456. St. Petersburg State Museum of History of Professional Education
  457. Gallery "Blue Hall"
  458. Museum of a History of city and fleet
  459. The Museum of History and Culture of Cis-Prikamye
  460. Novorossiysk State Historical Museum-Reserve
  461. The Memorial museum-estate of academician I.P. Pavlov
  462. The Stukenberg Museum of Geology of Kazan State University
  463. The World of Velimir Khlebnikov
    Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922) is one of the great Russian poets of the XXth century, one of the most brilliant avantgarde writers. He belonged to the so-called Futurist group. His works were translated nearly into all European languages and also into Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and some others. There are about two thousand books and articles on Khlebnikov in different languages.
    The website The World of Velimir Khlebnikov accumulates all of the materials connected with this famous futurist and Russian avantgarde poet. You can read his poems, prose, supersagas, dramas, futurist manifests, his letters and philosophical works. Then you can see his photos and portraits and those of his contemporaries (poets and artists of the Russian avant-garde of the XXth century) and Khlebnikov’s drawings. There are fragments of the films which deal with the poet on our website. You can also listen to Khlebnikov’s verses set to music and recitation of his creations
  464. Razdor. An ethnographic museum-reserve
  465. A Pet's Corner by Grandfather Durov
  466. Alexandrovskaya Sloboda
    Museum - preserve is situated on the territory of Alexandrov Kremlin, which is the oldest country governmental residence of Moscow sovereigns. It is known in the history as outstanding Alexandrovskaya Sloboda and oprichnaya capital of Ivan the Terrible. But its fate was defined by tsar Ivan IV father - Vasilij III, who was a grand duke of Moscow
  467. Siberian Zoological Museum
    The Siberian Zoological Museum serves as the nucleus for the study of animal diversity at the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals, focusing on the morphological, evolutionary and ecological aspects of the planet's animal species. It houses over 500,000 specimens of vertebrate and invertebrate of the zoological research collections. These research collections are ranked as third of the largest in the Russia
  468. Suvorov Memorial Museum
    Alexander Suvorov is the great publicly esteemed Russian military leader. The official web-site of Suvorov Memorial Museum tells about Suvorov's biography, museum collections, the most valuable items of the collection and many others. The most interesting section of the site is "Suvorov Living Heritage". Here are the pages of the book by Generalissimo Suvorov with his 10 precepts for soldier. The book was published in St. Petersburg in 1806. The most part of information is in Russian
  469. The Victoria & Albert Museum
    The purpose of the Victoria and Albert Museum is to enable everyone to enjoy its collections and explore the cultures that created them; and to inspire those who shape contemporary design.
    All our efforts are focused upon a central purpose - the increased use of our displays, collections and expertise as resources for learning, creativity and enjoyment by audiences within and beyond the United Kingdom
  470. Solovki - UNESCO On-line
    Solovki Islands is a fantastic place. You can't leave it but carrying a heavy load of various sensations - historical, ecological, artistic, esoteric, etc. This site is ever generating miracles. Not the mere monastery, but the nature itself and numerous archaeological monuments. Here the travelers may obtain what they seek for in the rest of the world
  471. Ethnographic Museums of Kazan State University
    The web-site tells about the history of the Ethnographic Museum of the Kazan State University and its collections. Only Russian version
  472. The municipal organization of culture-Togliatti Art Museum (ÒÌA)
    The Togliatti Art Museum (originally the Togliatti Picture Gallery) was opened in 1987 and timed to the 250th anniversary of foundation of the city of Togliatti (former Stavropol'). On this site is presented a brief information about the museum, its work, posters, exhibitions, art gallery etc.
  473. Egorievsky Historical and Art Museum
  474. Liski of historical and local lore Museum
  475. Museum "Vladivostok Fortress"
    The official web-site of the Museum "Vladivostok fortress" acquaints with history of the Vladivostok fortress and museum. Here you also find the information about exposures, photogallery of the displays and many others. Only Russian version
  476. Friedlander Tor Museum
  477. The Chizhevsky House Museum
  478. The Memorial Museum of Konstantin Vasiliev
  479. The Internet Museum of Prints
    The Internet Museum of Prints is a unique project dedicated to prints. Its exhibits are works from the private collection of Myasnoy Dom Borodina Company who initiated the idea of creating this museum, and also some masterpieces from the Russia State Library fund. A virtual museum in the Internet becomes a wonderful format for presenting prints since in 'real life' it is practically impossible to bring so many works of art together in one space, let alone the technical challenge of creating the necessary conditions for exhibiting prints.
    The website is meant for a wide range of users. It might be of interest to both, experts and those who are not frequent guests to the world of fine arts. You could say it is a kind of arts museum representing a lot of graphic material which is seldom exhibited and also an additional source of information about prints and engravers. With the help of the search engine, you will find the material you are interested in - technique, genre, artist, or historical period. All this gives us ground to hope that our "non-real" museum is capable of really enriching the knowledge and spiritual world of its visitors. That is exactly what its goal is
  480. Museum Net
    Welcome to Museum Net™, the original online museum resource for the UK. We have recently made a few changes to the search mechanism to make it easier than ever to find the museum you're looking for.
    Simply use the search mechanism below to find museums throughout the UK. You can even add a keyword, to only return museums with collections of interest to you. Enjoy your day out
  481. The International Arts Fund
    The web-site of the creative voluntary organization combining specialists in the area of art, crafts and arts, design and architecture, fine art. The information about artists - Moscow Arts Fund members, their biography and works. The Gallery of modern Russian realist painting as well as last news about art life of Moscow. English version under construction
  482. State art gallery "Na Kashirke"
    The state art gallery "Na Kashirke" is the largest art gallery in the South district of Moscow. The gallery was founded in 1986. It collaborates with artists belonging to different creative trends, organizes music festivals, concerts, meetings with artists, presentations of books and magazines, demonstrates films. There are art studios for children, photographic studio "Svetopis", and studio of photoportrait "Beautiful people" in the gallery
  483. Liberov-centre
  484. Kaliningrad Zoo
  485. Zvenigorod Historical, Arhitectural and Art Museum
  486. Partisan Glory Museum on the Memorial "Big Oak"
  487. Historical cultural museum complex in Razliv
    On the website of the Saint-Petersburg State Institution of Culture "Historical cultural museum complex in Razliv" you can find the information about the history of the museum, descriptions of the permanent and temporary exhibitions, program of events, working hours of the museum, addresses and prices for the tickets
  488. Kurganinsk historical museum
  489. Stage Art Museum named after V.E.Meyerhold
  490. Odoevsky Art Gallery
    Extensive site " Odoevsky Art Gallery ", offers a virtual tour in the history of the gallery, as well as exhibitions and art projects executed by the gallery in Russia and abroad. On the site you can learn the best works of contemporary artists who collaborate with the gallery. We have provided detailed information for future participation in auctions conducted by the gallery; works by artists that can be purchased through the gallery and published articles on contemporary art critics Ural artists
  491. ADIT- Automation Directions in Museums and Information Technologies

  492. Impressionism
  493. Bogoliubov reading Radischevskaya Museum
    Site "Bogoliubov reading Radischevskaya Museum" was founded in 2002, includes materials: program, reports, presentations, 11 annual All-Russia conference on the museum's founder, AP Bogoliubov. Conference held in the museum since 1994
  494. Museum of Peacekeeping Operations
    The Museum of Peacekeeping Operations is unique one in Russia devoted to peacemaking activity of the world community.The idea to establish a Museum on UN Peacekeeping was born at the 1-st Russian National Conference «Peace-keeping Operations. Problems and Experience» held in Moscow and Solnechnogorsk, April 11-12, 1993.
  495. The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
  496. The museums of the Karaganda region
    There are 14 museums represented: The Karaganda regional museum of history and local lore, The Dolinka museum of political repression victims memory, The Aktogai museum of archeology and ethnography, The Balkhash museum of history and local lore, The Bukharzhyrau of history and local lore, The Zhanaarka museum of history and local lore, The Zhezkazgan of history and archeology, The Karaganda regional museum of art, The Karkaraly of history and local lore, The Abai literature and memorial museum, The Zhezdi museum of mining and melting work history, The Osakarovka museum of history and local lore, The Temirtau museum of history and local lore, The Zhet museum of archeology and ethnography.
    Descripton: Museums on the map of the region, schedules of work, for children, exposures, rarities, collections, services, photo gallery, sections of local lore, section for museum workers, library, RK law on museum theme
  497. National Gallery of Canada
  498. Royal Armouries (The Great Britain)
    The Royal Armouries is home to the United Kingdom’s national collection of arms and armour, including artillery. As a museum we have a duty of care for these objects, to keep them, study them and increase our knowledge of them, so that this can be passed to future generations along with the objects themselves
  499. Canadian Heritage Information Network
  500. SCRAN
    Scran is a charity & online learning resource base with over 360,000 images & media from museums, galleries, archives and the media. It peak serves 1.1 million hits per day
  501. Dresden State Art Collections
  502. The museum of the folk art
    In 2006 the site of Ekaterinburg centre " Gamajun " has been created and opened for the general using. The project displays structure of work of a museum, allows visitors to be well informed about museum events, gives the chance to visit virtually the exhibitions passing in centre "Gamajun", to find out about new receipts in library.
    In section "Museum" visitors from other cities can get acquainted with history of creation of a museum, with exhibits from a fixed capital, learn the interesting facts of the biography of authors of the given works.
    Also any interested person can leave the impressions of visiting of a site and a wish in the Guest book or at the Forum.
  503. Arzamasskiy Historical-Art Museum
  504. The Bogolubov's library of the arts
    The Bogolubov's library site contains full information about all areas of its activity. There is information about its history, excursions, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, ets. The playbill is updated ones a week.
    The complete catalog of the book reserves is at the visitors' command
  505. Art Project Google
    Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces
  506. Seversk Museum
  507. The Museum of Marine Biology Institute of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Science
  508. Podolsk local history museum
    Having visited an official site, you can familiarize with museum history, visit short virtual tour on the basic exposition, learn the latest news about passing actions, meetings and exhibitions, and also to make an application on tour on an interesting theme
  509. Boris Pasternak Museum in Peredelkino
  510. The Museum of S. Saydashev
  511. Sovetsk Town History Museum
  512. Divnogorsk Art Museum
  513. The Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center 'Peace, Progress, Human Rights'
    Mission of the Andrei Sakharov Museum and Public Center: to contribute to the preservation of the historic memory of tens of millions of victims of the political repressions and crimes of the Soviet regime; to contribute to the establishment of the values of an open democratic society and state in today\’s Russia, as advocated and shared by Andrei Sakharov
  514. The Pushkin House
    Founded on December 15th, 1905, by the noble initiative of Russian culture figures as the memorial of A. S. Pushkin, as a concentration place for manuscripts and relics connected with A. S. Pushkin and the writers of his epoch, – the Pushkin House had from its early days focused its collecting and scientific interest on the legacy of Russian word culture of all the periods – from old times to the modern ones. During the last hundred years there has appeared a unique and indissoluble museum, fund storing and research complex – an unexampled phenomenon of Russian archive-studying, museum studying, academic philology as well as cultural and historic memory – at the same time. Nowadays the Pushkin House stands for three million of precious autographs of Russian writers, scholars and social figures, including 12 thousand pages of Pushkin’s manuscripts; for more than 700 thousands of books and print editions wholly reflecting the history of Russian literature; it also disposes 120 thousand of museum rarities, image, documental and item relics, 15 scientific Departments and Groups, which annually publish 50 book editions: volumes of classics, scholar collections and monographs, serial editions, the “Russian Literature” magazine; besides, the Pushkin House means a particular place and particular people.
    Welcome to our Internet portal!
  515. Architectural-ethnographic museum "Khokhlovka"
  516. Òhe Aksakov Memorial House
  517. Portal "Culture of Russia"
    Official portal of the research & computing information general service (RCIGS) of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation
  518. Uffizi Gallery ( Florance)
  519. Gallery of contemporary sculpture and plastic arts
    The website centers on exhibition arrangements and works of art represented by the gallery.
    The functionality of the website is well thought-out taking in account all the peculiarities and specific characteristics of the gallery, that is sculpture. Every exhibition is accompanied by panoramic photographs that give an opportunity to take the works being clear in mind about scale and form in interior.
    There is a catalogue of works of every exhibition and other options. All the sculptures can be looked at from different points of view. The website is designed for mainstream audience from serious collectors to inquisitive visitors who are just interested in what is going on in the world of contemporary sculpture
  520. The air Defence Forces Museum
  521. The State Museum of V. Mayakovsky
  522. Wachtanoff Gallery
    The Wachtanoff Gallery was founded in April 1997. The main purpose of the group of enthusiasts was to represent a new kind of Art to wide Russian public – the artistic collectible dolls. On the web-site is the story about gallery, collector's club, exposition, exibitions, educational and beneficent projects
  523. The Museum of Militia in the Irkutsk Region
  524. The Museum of History of Siberian Subway
  525. House and Museum of F.I. Shalyapin
  526. The State Regional Studies Museum "Narvskaya Zastava"
  527. San Diego Natural History Museum
  528. Isetskiy People Regional Studies Museum named after A.L.Emeljanov
  529. ARÒ-Kashà
    Website of the Contemporary Art Gallery "ART - Kashà" represents its activities and interesting events, permanent and temporary exhibitions to the visitors and enables them to plunge into the world of art and discover the extraordinary work of contemporary artists.
    The website provides detailed information about the ART - Kashà: the story of its creation, past and future events, excursions, movie lectures and master classes, concerts, contests, publications and much more. In the section labeled "Who" you can find information about all participants and contributors of the project. The overall structure of the website is designed in a way to make it convenient to obtain detailed and up-to-date information on each topic
  530. Modern art competition ArtPreview
    ArtPreview is a modern art competition. Unlike other similar projects in Russia, our competition is characterized by open format, broad exhibition activity, and numerous prizes. It is aiming to support artists and photographers actively working in various genres and techniques
  531. The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra
    The Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra functions nowadays as an orthodox monastery belonging to the St Petersburg eparchy is one of the architectural and historic center of St. Petersburg
  532. Riazhsky Museum of Regional Studies
  533. Museum of contemporary art Art4.ru
  534. National Gallery (London)
    The National Gallery houses the national collection of Western European painting from the 13th to the 19th centuries. It is on show 361 days a year, free of charge
  535. Metrological Museum of Gosstandart of Russia attached to the D.I.Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM)
  536. Fine Art Gallery
    Informative and laconic website of the gallery "Fine Art" with a renovated in 2011 design will introduce you the history of our gallery, tell about current and planned exhibitions, as well as provide with details of the all artists cooperating with the gallery, their works, biographies and exhibitions. The site contains the archive of exhibition activities from 2003
  537. Sharkansky Museum of Local Lore and History
  538. Dagestan State Union Museum
  539. Kirovo-Cherepetsk Museum-Exibition Centre
  540. Air Force Museum at Monino
    You can see the one hundred way of development of Russian Aircraft. More than 160 pictures of flying machines with it descriptions
  541. St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  542. G. Rayshev Studio and Gallery
  543. Museum-preserve "Khmelita"
    On September, 10th, 1990 the Decision of Ministerial council of RSFSR in Vjazemsky area of the Smolensk region on the basis of memorial estate A.S. Griboedov the State historical and cultural and natural memorial estate A.S has been created. Griboedov "Hmelita". The purpose of its creation - preservation of monuments of history and culture, a unique natural landscape and the memorable places connected with a name of great Russian writer A.S.Griboedov, propagation of its creative heritage. The web page contains brief information on memorial estate
  544. Memorial Complex of the Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR A.G. Nikolaev
  545. “Alt-Soft” Information & Communication Technologies JSC
    “Alt-Soft” Information & Communication Technologies JSC was founded in Saint Petersburg in 1991.
    We offer innovation project solutions in the area of information technology of culture. Our main services are designing, incorporating , technological supporting and upgrading of information technology systems for culture institutions and city economy. Now “Alt-Soft” Information & Communication Technologies JSC is one of the leader in designing information technology system for archives, museums, libraries, historical and cultural monuments protecting organizations
  546. Usypov's Palace
  547. Samara Regional Art Museum
    The site of Samara art museum is new. In the section "Collection" two hundreds of the selected artworks from the museum's chests are represented. Special interest have the works which aren't exhibited in the main exposure. These are the pieces of soviet and contemporary art from museum's collection. The section is strongly structured chronologically and every sub-section has the scientific article about artists and their works. The section "Exposure" has the plans of the exhibition-rooms and overlapped with the "Collection". In the section "Selected exhibitions and events" the archive of exhibitions from 2006 is represented. The information about exhibitions included the photo galleries, sometimes videos and links to a selected press-publications. It's a most dynamically renewed part of the site, because all the information about current museum's events is operatively appears here
  548. Kurgan Regional Studies Museum
  549. Alnashi History-Literary Museum
  550. Surgut Museum of Local Lore
  551. The ethno-ecological museum "Tjulbersky gorodok"
  552. Tarussky Museum of Regional Studies
  553. The Valentine Ryabov Art Gallery
    Welcome to the site of the Valentine Ryabov Art Gallery! Being especially interested in the formation and development of creative art in Russia, the Valentine Ryabov Gallery doesn’t single out priority stiles and trends, presenting artworks of the best, in our opinion, representatives of modern art.
    The Valentine Ryabov Gallery is not only a magnificent collection of painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, icons and handicrafts. Our art gallery is actively popularizing and developing modern art. The gallery regularly organizes exhibitions of contemporary Russian artists in the most well known and prestigious showrooms in Russia and abroad
  554. House-museum of Hermann Brachert
  555. Geology museum of Central Siberia
  556. The Kaluga Regional Art Museum
    The updated website of the Kaluga Regional Art Museum invites you to the virtual tour through the Museum exhibitions, to visit the world of art, to get acquainted with works of old and modern artists. The detailed information for the visitors of the Kaluga Regional Art Museum is presented: about the history of the Museum, its branches, guided and lecture programs, children's study center, projects, publications and others
  557. Baki Urmanche's Museum
  558. Museum of "Moscow Radio-Technical Plant, Scientific Production Association" OJSC
  559. State Stone-cutting and Jewelry History museum
  560. Smithsonian American Art Museum
    The Smithsonian American Art Museum, the nation's first collection of American art, is an unparalleled record of the American experience. The collection captures the aspirations, character and imagination of the American people throughout three centuries. The American Art Museum is the home to one of the largest and most inclusive collections of American art in the world. Its artworks reveal key aspects of America's rich artistic and cultural history from the colonial period to today. More than 7,000 artists are represented in the collection, including major masters, such as John Singleton Copley, Gilbert Stuart, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Childe Hassam, Mary Cassatt, Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Hopper, Jacob Lawrence, Helen Frankenthaler, Christo, David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, Lee Friedlander, Nam June Paik, Martin Puryear, and Robert Rauschenberg
  561. Voronezh Zoological Garden
  562. N.A. Dobrolyubov State Literary-Memorial Museum
  563. Votkinsk Town History and Culture Museum
  564. Museum of A. Block "Shahmatovo"
  565. Museum of Sun
  566. Sakhalin Art Museum
    Site of the Sakhalin Art Museum offers visitors a view of the vast collection of museum of the county's only island region. Among the exhibits there are works of artists of Sakhalin, Russia, the Far East, the indigenous peoples of the Far East of Russia and many others. Meet with the School of Perception - a unique museum studio for families with children from three to five years working on the original program. The site provides all the necessary information about the work of the museum, announcements of exhibitions and activities. Feedback is also provided
  567. The Gallery of Balashicha
  568. Plyos state museum-reservation of history, architecture and art
  569. Cherepovets Museum Association
  570. Culture and Art Oryol Region
  571. The Tambov Regional Art Gallery
    The Tambov Regional Art Gallery was opened for viewers on April 30, 1961. However, the museum collections in Tambov have longstanding traditions. The first museum in Tambov was founded in 1879 in honour of the 100th anniversary of governor-general institution in the region
  572. National Museum of the American Indian
    The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) has one of the most extensive collections of Native American arts and artifacts in the world—approximately 266,000 catalog records (825,000 items) representing over 12,000 years of history and more than 1,200 indigenous cultures throughout the Americas. Ranging from ancient Paleo-Indian points to contemporary fine arts, the collections include works of aesthetic, religious, and historical significance as well as articles produced for everyday use. Current holdings include all major culture areas of the Western Hemisphere, representing virtually all tribes in the United States, most of those of Canada, and a significant number of cultures from Middle and South America and the Caribbean. Approximately 68 percent of the object collections originate in the United States, with 3.5 percent from Canada, 10 percent from Mexico and Central America; 11 percent from South America; and 6 percent from the Caribbean. Overall, 55 percent of the collection is archaeological, 43 percent ethnographic, and 2 percent modern and contemporary arts. (These figures are based on catalog numbers, not number of items, where single catalog numbers encompassing dozens of shreds or projectile points would skew percentages toward archaeology.) In terms of collections’ growth, NMAI continues to focus actively on modern and contemporary arts, relying on donations for the expansion of earlier ethnographic collections. Given the 1970 passage of UNESCO regulations controlling antiquities exports from Latin America, and North American Indian peoples’ continuing ambivalence about archaeology, there is little expectation for substantial growth of the archaeological collections. And although NMAI’s enabling legislation encompasses Hawai’i, the museum does not accept or collect Native Hawaiian material
  573. Kiev zoo
  574. Museums World Wide Web
  575. Ministere Culture Communication
  576. Museums of Tomsk Region
  577. Anna & Yuri Mirakov Art Gallery
    The Anna & Yury Mirakov Art Gallery is a private gallery, located in the centre of Moscow. It was opened in January 1999, by Yury Mirakov, a member of the Artists’ Unions of Russia and Great Britain. In 2003, the Gallery signed a cooperation agreement with the UNESCO Creativity Centre. The main purpose of mutual cooperation is to attract attention of Russian and foreign public, of state and private museums, art unions, foundations, and the media to the realization of jointly developed programmes (art exhibitions, charity auctions, cultural meetings and so on).
    The Gallery possesses a considerable collection of art works representing various genres and styles - from realism to avant-garde, from antiques to contemporary painting and sculpture. By bringing together many talented artists of different generations and styles, the Gallery makes a notable and welcome contribution to Moscow’s artistic life
  578. Nature museum of Kostroma region
  579. Udmurtian Republican Museum of Arts
    The site of Udmurtian Republican Museum of Arts contains the necessary information for visitors, where they could receive the fullest representation about actual exhibitions and constant exposition. For educational specialists there are complete information about mobile exhibitions and methodical workings of museum's employees. Also there is a possibility to visit a virtual exhibition of museum fund's works, to see grant projects, to get to know in detail about museum's history and its activity.
    Special places: a constant exposition "Russian art of the end of ÕIÕ - the beginning of ÕÕ centuries", works of Udmurt painters
  580. Historic and Regional Studios Museum
  581. Fine Art Musuem of San Francisco
    Welcome to the Thinker, website of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Comprised of the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, we are the largest public arts institution in the City of San Francisco and one of the largest art museums in the United States. The web-site contains 75,000 images from the collections of our two museums
  582. Nature Museum
  583. Museum of baron Munchausen
  584. Eversmann Zoology Museum of Kazan State University
  585. A.Bely Memorial Apartment
  586. Filimonovo toy
    The site of the Museum "Filimonovo toy" - the result of common creativity of young designers and the collective of the museum - invites you to meet the surprising side of the national creativity - the clay filimonovo toy. The toy, which had more than 600 - year history, saved its inimitable sound.
    On the site you can learn about the toy`s history, see the master head`s photos and the photos of their works, and you can also order the toys. Among the traditional plots the visitor can see the works that appeared as the result of the creative search and circulate very seldom. Every person interested in national culture can acquaint with educational, playing and musical programs, souvenirs which are developed buy the museum. The home page of the site has an interactive drawn menu and a standard search system
  587. Regina Gallery
  588. Art Museum Network
    The Art Museum Network is a collaborative effort on the part of museum leaders to offer points of view about the state of the field
  589. Museum of histry of aircraft ropulsion engineering and repairs
  590. Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris
  591. Solicamsk Regional Studies Museum
  592. Novokuznetsk Regional Studies Museum
  593. Taymyr Okrug Regional Studies Museum
  594. Bulgarian Cultural Institute
    Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow was established on 19.01.1988. It is situated on 20, "Leningradskiy Prospect". The building was constructed in 1914 after the design of the famous Russian architect D. P. Suhov. This is a magnificent building constructed according to the order of the staff-captain Belik and his wife. The halls impress with their elegancy, harmony and solemnity. The Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria occupied the building in the period 1946 - 1987 and since 1988 it houses the Bulgarian Cultural Institute.
    The site introduces the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, and with Bulgaria: historical information, illustrations and information about the library - the largest in the Moscow collection of literature in Bulgarian language, programs, events, etc.
  595. The Photogallery n. a. Lumiere Brothers
    The Photogallery n. a. Lumiere Brothers was founded in 2001. It is the first private photogallery in Russia. We specialize in the exhibition and sale of works by known and contemporary fine art photographers. Nowadays we continue to enrich our funds of classic Russian photography of the XIX – XX centuries and work with many talented emerging artists
  596. G.S. Rayshev's studio gallery
  597. Cultura Priangariya
    The site «Cultura Priangariya» invites to visit virtual galleries of the most known artists, photographers and designers of Irkutsk area. On this site are presented both a free artists and a creative associations among which the creative association of artists-fans «Babr», creative group "M'Art", Irkutsk branch of the Union of Artists of Russia and more.
    Among other sections of the site: news, articles about interesting events in culture and an art sphere, sketches about outstanding people of art and culture, the creative biographies of presented artists and the forum of participants
  598. Saha Republic National Art Museum
  599. Municipal Museum of Regional Studies Komsomolsk-on-Amur
  600. Kiyasovo Regional Museum named after P.A. Krivonogov
  601. State Northern Maritime Museum
  602. Central Museum of physical culture and sport
  603. Beetles (Coleoptera) and Coleopterists
    Beetles or Coleoptera (scientific Latin name) are the order including the largest number of species not only in the class of insects (Insecta), but also in the entire animal kingdom (Animalia). Not less than a quarter of all animal species on our planet are beetles. Beetles occur in every part of the world and in nearly every type of habitat. Beetles are studied by a special area of zoology - coleopterology. Studies of beetles have been conducted at the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), St.Petersburg, since its foundation. The well-known coleopterists E. Menetries, A.P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky, G.G. Jacobson, A.N. Reichardt, M.E. Ter-Minasian, O.L. Kryzhanovsky and many others worked at the Zoological Institute. The Coleoptera Department at the Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy of the Zoological Institute is the centre of Coleoptera studies in Russia. The Head of the Department and the Laboratory is the eminent coleopterist Prof. G.S. Medvedev. Coleopterists of the Zoological Institute in co-operation with their colleagues from other research institutions decided to establish and maintain in the Internet a special Web-site on Coleoptera and coleopterists, which should be of interest to specialists and to those who have only started to take interest in beetles, or have just come across our pages.
    Welcome to the world of beetles and specialists studying them!
  604. Kazan regional museum of local lore named after V.S. Arzhilovsky
    Since August, 2011 the official web-site of the Kazan regional museum of local lore named after V.S. Arzhilovsky has begun its work in the updated form. Now users can not only read articles, but also leave their comments to them. And also they can send their materials about history and people of area.
    The web-site acquaints with history and activity of the museum and its branches (Ilyinsk and Dubynsk), with area history. Messages on competitions, the list and the prices for museum services, the information on holidays, including regional are regularly published and also the poster in which the dates of actions for the forthcoming month are shown
  605. State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO
    State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was established in 1959. Its main mission was to organize and to hold exhibitions of artifacts from Russian museums and to buy pieces of fine art for further distribution between the Russian museums
  606. Fine Arts in "New Jerusalem"
  607. Primorye State Picture Gallery
  608. Museum's laws
    This site contains relevant laws and regulations related to museums of the Russian Federation. Main sections of website covers general musuem activity principles, regulation of import and export of museum valuables abroad, financial and economic issues of museums, conservation and use of heritage sites, storage of museum objects, as well as lawsrelating to the cultural sphere in general.
    Special attention is paid to the autonomy of museums. Also we have forum
  609. Omsk State Dostoevsky Literary Museum
  610. Museums of Japan
  611. Museum of the History weapon
    Official site of the Museum of History weapon invites all visitors to touch the history of the emergence and development of weapons, take a virtual tour of the exhibition of the museum from the earliest times to the 20 th century. You'll see, "touch", get expert advice on the rare, antique, exotic species of cold, fire, ritual weapons, more than 4000 copies, almost all stages of the establishment of modern human civilizations (including Eastern Europe).
    It offers a search engine, feature articles, reviews, discussions and forums, as well as subscription renewal resource
  612. Pourovsk District Museum of Regional Studies
  613. A.M. Gerasimov Museum-Estate
    Your are holding the unique disk about an amaising place, the Solovetsky Islands. Turn the vivid "pages" of Russian history.You will see numerous historic events, exceptionalgeographical position, a misterous tangle of great people's destinies
  614. The Natural Science Collections Alliance
    The Natural Science Collections Alliance is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit association that supports natural science collections, their human resources, the institutions that house them, and their research activities for the benefit of science and society
  615. I.D. Papanin Museum
  616. Yarkovsky Museum of Local Lore
  617. Balashov Regional Studies Museum
  618. The Department of Culture of the city of Moscow
  619. Museums of Leningrad Region
  620. Kuzbass museum of physical culture and sport
    The part of official site department youth politician and sport of Kemerovo region. devote to creative work physical culture and sport museum Kuzbass. Short information produce of museum
  621. Krasnoiyarsk Exhibition Centre
  622. New gallery
    The “New gallery" established in 1989 in Moscow (Russia). We specialize in Soviet Art. We have an exhibitors from the different genres: painting of the Socialist realism of 1920-1950th years, the Soviet Graphics, pre-revolutionary and Soviet Posters, an Applied art – ceramics, porcelain (the Russian empire and the Soviet period)
    It is one of the greatest private collections of works of artists of the USSR – a portrait, a still-life, a landscape etc. Artists – from the best Soviet period art schools. We also have collection of the Naive and Contemporary art; subjects of interior: the furniture, the mirrors, the vintage, the carpets, the tools
  623. Irkutsk Museum of the Decembrists
    On the site of the Irkutsk Region Historical Memorial Decembrist Museum there is the information about museum history, collections, tariffs, the bill and International museum friend's society. The site acquaints visitors with museum exposition and thematic exhibitions, with museum editions and news about the most important events in museum life. Here there is a guide map of tourist's itinerary "Irkutsk and Decembrists"
  624. "S.P.A.S." Gallery
    Website of Gallery "S.P.A.S." contains brief information about the gallery itself, the current exhibition, past exhibitions and artists, whom the gallery co-operates. The site is richly illustrated and easy to read. Contains contact information, a review book
  625. The USSR People's artist V.Igoshev House-Museum
  626. Gertsev Gallery
    Gallery was established in 1996 and it has magnificent collections of modern Russian and foreign painting. Among painters are Nalbi, Kaspars Zarins, Oleg, Kako Topuriya, Gia Gugushvilli, Ieva Iltnere, Konstantin Sutyagin, Natalya Zaloznaya, Gogi Chagelishvilli, Patrick Heron, Gary Hume, Antoni Tapies, Dietrich Klinge, Joan Hernandez Pijuan, and Christine McArthur. Except exhibitions, gallery realizes different educational projects representing contemporary art for Russian public. Gallery participates in such world art fairs as Art-London, Art-Stougcholm, East ART Kunsthandel, Art-Maneg, Art Salon.
    Our US location is in Buckhead, a historical, cultural center in the heart of Atlanta, state Georgia. This young gallery is our attempt to create a cultural link between USA and Russia, and to introduce the inner worlds of Russia’s contemporary artists to the American viewer
  627. Mishkin Folk Ethnographical Museum and Mouse Museum
    This site is devoted to complex of Myshkin National Museum (world-famous Mouse Museum belong to this complex of museums). Here you will find descriptions of our complex of museums, our museum news, stories about events, interesting articles and ... many interesting and non-describing materials! Here we place information of our museum tourism bureau "Myshgorod" (tourist office of Mouse Museum). If you are going to visit us, you can see the operation of museums, choose the proposed excursions, look for information on travel and accommodation and so on
  628. Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery
  629. Valuyskiy Art Museum
  630. Kamchatka regional art museum
  631. Studies Complex "Permafrost Museum"
  632. Museum-reserve “Abramtsevo”
  633. Zoobotaniñal Garden of G. R. Derzhavin's TSU
    The unofficial site of zoobotaniñal Garden of G. R. Derzhavin's TSU, was created to tell the citizens about a beautiful corner of nature, where you can find different representatives of Flora and Fauna, the amount of which is more than 600, belonging to 200 species, some of them are included in the regional, Russian and International Red books
  634. T-34 Tank History Museum
    The unique and the world’s only museum dedicated entirely to one specific example of armaments and military technology is a tribute to the legendary combat vehicle of the ÕÕ century – Ò-34 medium tank.
    The optimal combination of firepower, robustness and mobility of Ò-34 became the classical model for the development of tanks in many countries of the world. Ò-34 played a decisive role in all major battles fought by the Red Army in the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945). This essentially universal high-speed mobile operations.
    During the war Ò-34 became the core of the Red Army’s tank fleet. The USSR’s seven major plants released 54 thousand T-34 tanks, i.e. more than 70 % of tanks of all types. Ò-34 turned out to be perfectly fit for mass production. It was relatively easy to make, operate and repair. It was also rather cheap in production. An important feature of this tank was its user-friendliness
  635. The museum of children's fine art of the people of Siberia and the Far East
  636. Museums of Karelia
    The Museums of Karelia server offers information on federal, regional, municipal and other museums of Karelia and the monuments of architecture. Maps of Karelia showing the administrative division, the density of population, cultural and transportation networks are also available from the server.
    The Museums of Karelia was created in 1999 with the financial support from the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)
  637. Museum of Bullfinch
    Museum of bullfinch is situated in Bullfinch hotel. There is some information and foto about Museum in the Hotel's site
  638. Ice-breaker and museum «Angara»
    Ice-breaker «Angara» - one of the first ice-breakers in the world and, perhaps, most ancient from the saved courts of this type. On a site you will find description of display of museum, history of ice-breaker, biography of captains, a lot of pictures
  639. San Diego Museum of Art
    Welcome to the San Diego Museum of Art, the region's primary resource for exhibitions and collections of fine art for more than 80 years. Located in the heart of Balboa Park, our galleries offer opportunities for learning, introspection, and connection with cultures from around the world. Please browse our site and discover our many exhibitions, classes, and performances. Join us and visit the Museum soon
  640. State Exhibition Hall "Varshavka"
  641. The museum of Å. Boratynsky
  642. Botanical Collections of Kazan University
  643. The Museum of the Jewish History in Russia
  644. Museum of Memory of Decembrists
  645. Nevyanskiy Historical Museum
  646. Glazovskii Museum of Natural History
  647. Severodvinsk local history museum
  648. Museum of Pilgrimage in Sacred Places
  649. A. Grin House-Museum
  650. The Northern Ladoga Lake regional Museum
  651. Archaeology.ru
  652. Architectural and Athnografic Museum "Ludorvay"
  653. Gallery D 137
    The web-site of the St.-Petersburg Galery D 137: projects, information about artists, news
  654. Vyatka Paleontologic Museum
    Vyatka Paleontological Museum became the first regional research centre in Russia which investigates Permian terrestrial vertebrate fossils. The museum boasts a large collection of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils dating from Cambrian times to the megafauna of the last ice-age. The Vyatka PaleoMuseum offers interesting programs: "Paleo-tours" on paleontological excavations, special programs for students, research institutions, scientists and the general public and also making museum quality casts made from original finds, keeping in sensational exhibits of Museum. The information of all this you can find on the pages of the web-site
  655. Balakovskovo Pictures Gallery
  656. Museum Center "Heritage of Chukotka"
  657. Perm Zoo
  658. The Museum of Kazan University History
    The web-site of the Museum of history of Kazan University. Here you'll inquire about scopes of activity of the museum and its collections. As well as biography of the great mathematician, founder of non-Euclidean geometry Nikolai Lobachevsky
  659. All-Russian creative social organization "Union of artists of Russia"
    All-Russian creative social organization "Union of artists of Russia" is the oldest union of professional masters of visual art in the country. It's cultural tradition and history are tied with well-known names of art of our country. At official site of "Union of artists of Russia" is represented extensive information of exhibitions which are conducted in Moscow or regions. Individuals sections of the site are devoted to art critic's works and houses of creative work. Here you can find regulations of the organization, the legal information for artist, contacts of officials and reviewers of "Union of artists of Russia"
  660. Russian Institute for Cultural Research
  661. Kotelnicheskiy Regional Studies Museum
  662. First Publication Program of Vladimir Potanin Foundation
    The First Publication Program website proposes you the information about the First Publication competition process, Program's breaking news and press reviews on the Program projects. You can follow development of the winner-projects on-line. The special electronic projects of the Program are presented too
  663. The N.Rimsky-Korsakov memorial museum-flat
  664. The Pennsylvania State University's Art Museum
    The Palmer Museum of Art on the Penn State University Park campus is a free-admission arts resource for the University and surrounding communities in central Pennsylvania. The museum offers an ever-changing array of exhibitions and displays of its permanent collection. With eleven galleries, a print-study room, 150-seat auditorium, and outdoor sculpture garden, the Palmer Museum is a unique cultural resource for residents of and visitors to the region
  665. The Montclair Art Museum
    The Montclair Art Museum (MAM) collects, preserves, and presents American and Native American art. Its innovative exhibitions and educational programs interpret and explore relationships between these two evolving artistic traditions. The Museum’s exhibitions offer groundbreaking scholarship, fresh thematic approaches, first-time presentations of under-recognized artists, examinations of little-known aspects of major artists’ careers, and an ongoing commitment to the artists and culture of New Jersey
  666. UC Museum of Paleontology
    The mission of the University of California Museum of Paleontology is to investigate and promote the understanding of the history of life and the diversity of the Earth's biota through research and education
  667. Currency Museum, Japan
  668. Museum center
    Site presents a museum equipment producing company. It describes main directions of company's work, such as museum designing, production of museum exposition equipment, artistic and decorative service for museums. There is a fotogallery which shows full presentation of services. Here you find realized museum projects divided in the following way - departmental, corporate, memorial and local history museums
  669. Conservation în-line
  670. National Heritage Board
    To Foster Nationhood, Identity And Creativity Through Heritage And Cultural Development
  671. Culturenet Sweden
  672. English Heritage
    English Heritage exists to protect and promote England's spectacular historic environment and ensure that its past is researched and understood
  673. The Institute of Museum and Library Services
    The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums. The Institute's mission is to create strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas. The Institute works at the national level and in coordination with state and local organizations to sustain heritage, culture, and knowledge; enhance learning and innovation; and support professional development
  674. Museums of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
    Web-portal "Museums of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region" was created as the result of realization of the project "Complex Support to the Museums of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region" developed by the Union of Creative Museum Workers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg Fund of ICOM. This project is implemented with the financial support of the Institute "Open Society". The Executive of this program is ZAO "Lanck"
  675. The Gallery "Souz Tvorchestvo"
  676. Art Gallery of the State Regonal Generation Fund
    Art Gallery is one of the State Regonal Generation Funds' programs. On the official web-site of Art Gallery is short story about Generation Fund's activity, its aims and tasks, items of the collection - icons, painting, graphic arts, arts and crafts
  677. Tate
  678. The Colosseum
  679. Borghese Gallery
  680. Central museum of All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS central museum)
    The web page of Central museum of All Association of the Blind on Culture & Sport rehab centre of VOS website relates about museum history, museum halls and exhibits. On history page periodically published materials about blind and partially sighted in Russia. Museum exhibition fotos are represented in web gallery
  681. International Institute of antiques ASG
    Official website of the International Institute of antiques ASG talks about the exhibition, research and restoration activities, and offers a virtual tour of the exhibition hall in Kazan and the residence of the investment group of companies ASG in France (Leveville castle). The site contains a collection of Western European art of the XVII-XIX centuries.
    The collection includes paintings, sculptures, furnitures, items of silver, bronze objects of art, and few Western European tapestry XVII-XVIII centuries, Russian icons and other items.
    The site posted all the news of the International Institute of antiques ASG, researches of art in the educational project, which are duplicated in the social networks Facebook and LiveJournal. A special topic is about the revival of the historical center of Kazan, in which members of the Institute are work
  682. The pedagogical museum in Omsk
  683. Botanic Garden of Irkutsk State University
    The Botanic Garden of the Irkutsk State University (BGISU) occupies 27 hectares within Irkutsk city, 70 kilometers west of Lake Baikal. The BGISU is the only botanical garden in Irkutsk region and in the Baikalian Siberia included in International Directory of Botanical Gardens. It is categorized by law as a strictly protected natural territory within the capital of Irkutsk Oblast. As a living museum the BGISU serves as an educational tool for students and general public
  684. Museum "Winged Guards"
  685. Finnish National Gallery
    The Finnish National Gallery was officially founded in autumn 1990. It is Finland's largest museum entity and compromises the Ateneum Art Museum; Sinebrychoff Art Museum; the Museum of Contemporary Art; and the Central Art Archives; in addition the Conservation Department, the Educational Department, and the Administrative Department. Information about each of them you can find on the official web-site of the Gallery
  686. Italian sculptures
  687. 24 Hour Museum
  688. International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections
  689. Gridchinhall
  690. Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
  691. Memorial of V.I. Lenin
  692. Vincent Art Gallery
    Vincent Art Gallery was established in 1989, with the mission to paint and exhibit reproductions of the Old Masters, like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin and many others. Not spread over numerous museums and private collections all over the world, but brought together at ONE LOCATION, on exhibitions more accessible to the many who enjoy these great artists
  693. The A. Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    The Kasteev State Museum of Arts is the largest art museum in Kazakhstan and a well known regional center for research and education in the field of art history. The Museum has a rich collection of artistic treasures comprise about 22,000 pieces. These include works of ancient and contemporary Kazakhstan art, works of the Soviet period (1920s-1990s), Russian artworks from the 17th to early 20th centuries, Western European art of the 16th–20th centuries, and finally, art of the peoples of the East – India, China, Japan and Korea
  694. Sankt-Petersburg Artist Museum and Exhibition Centre
  695. The LeVall Gallery
  696. Nicholas Roerich Museum
    Nicholas Roerich is known first and foremost as a Russian-born artist. His paintings, of which there are thousands around the world, explore the mythic origins, the natural beauty, and the spiritual strivings of humanity and of the world. The Museum displays approximately two hundred of these works, and keeps them permanently on display, for visitors who come from around the world. Indeed, for many of these visitors, the Museum is a destination of great importance; the paintings speak to them of their own inner yearnings and possible fulfillment. For them, Roerich's paintings are a kind of teaching--about spiritual development, about culture and its role in human life, and about opportunities for the achievement of peace in a fractious world
  697. Undorovskiy Paleonthology Museum

  698. I.S. Turgenev Museum-Preserv "Spasskoe-Lutovinovo"
  699. Historical and Memorial Museum named M. Lomonosov
    The web-site of the first in Russia Museum which is situated in the homeland of the great Russian scientist, poetry and artist of the XVIII century - Michael Lomonosov. Only Russian version
  700. Musee d'Orsay
  701. Association of cultural managers
    Association of cultural managers (ÀÌÊ) – the only Russian professional organization, cultural network of national scale, which unites experts, consultants and managers of socio-cultural projects and aims at forming contemporary standards of administrating cultural processes
  702. Art gallery "ARKA"
  703. The Tkachev Brothers Museum
  704. Russian memorial museum of V.M. Shukshin
    A very interesting site that visits the museum and park in memory of Vassily Shykshin, the famous Russian writer, director and actor. The site has detailed information about the history and activities of the museum. The site is decorated with pictures of natural flora and fauna from the Altai - the Siberian region where Shykshin was born
  705. The Amber Room
    This web site will allow you to learn about the history, the present day news concerning this famous masterpiece, and about the completion of its reconstruction by a team of craftsmen of the RLS "The Tzarskoje Selo Amber Workshop" with the financial support of the German private company "Ruhrgas AG". In addition, you may assemble jigsaw puzzle with fragments of the Amber Room on-line, and record your impressions in the guest book
  706. Clevelend Art Museum
  707. National Gallery of Art
  708. Dionisiy fresco Museum
    Dionisiy fresco Museum was established on basis of Ferapontov Monastery. On the web-site is published the article of the director of the museum M. Serebryakova about creative work of the great artist of Ancient Russia Dionisiy. There are many photos with fragments of the wall-paintings on the web-site. Here you can also watch the documentary film "Dionisiy"
  709. Museum resource center (ÌRC)
  710. The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Peoples of the Far East, Rar Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences
  711. Mikhail Bulgakov Museum
  712. National Museum of Bashkortostan Republic
    The future visitors can find the information not only on history of creation of the museum and its branches in the updated site of the National museum of Republic Bashkortostan, and also see the most interesting exhibits stored in oppositions and in the basic exposition of a museum. On a site the detailed information on excursion, exhibition activity, mass actions spent by employees of a museum is presented. The given information is constantly updated
  713. National Museum of Nature and Science (Japan)
  714. Paintings of B.Shirobokov
  715. Morozov museum
  716. Cultural Policy Institute
  717. Youth palette
    "Youth palette" site description:
    "Youth palette" is an unofficial site of the Altai State Museum of Fine Arts. The site is devoted to a festival of the fashionable trends of youth culture.
    The festival "Youth palette" is a new museum creation, but it already has become competitive on the local market of entertainment, leisure and education. It started in Barnaul in 2003 with "Exotic Body" project, which was daring at the time and presented to the public one of the important trends of youth culture - body art.
    On the pages of a site visitors can learn about the festival's history and its projects, goals and objectives, and also meet its participants. Special sections are devoted to the official information about the festival: participation, provision, press releases, and the media about the festival
  718. The Museumnight
  719. Art-project "Saint-Petersburg"
    The new "ARKA" art-gallery`s website is a presentation of some unique exhibition projects of the Saint-Petersburg’s artists, has deserved public popularity at home and abroad
  720. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  721. Montshire Museum of Science
    Montshire, a hands-on museum, located in Norwich, Vermont, USA, has dozens of exciting exhibits relating to the natural and physical sciences, ecology, and technology
  722. The Museum-apartment of Sharif Kamal
  723. Siberian Contemporary Art Centre
  724. The Tsiolkovsky Memorial Apartment
  725. Archaeological Museum of the Kazan State University
    The Archaeological Museum of the Kazan State University is one of the largest and oldest museums of such kind. The largest collections of the museum are instruments of a stone age, collections of Ananino culture wares from the, medieval monuments of the Volga and Ural regions. Museum possesses a number of unique materials such as materials of the Turaevo cemetery with the burial mounds of the Vth century A.D., Bolshe-Tigansky cemetery of the ancient madiars, Bolshe-Tarhansky cemetery of the early bolgars, collections from Siberia, Middle Asia, Northern Caucases, and also archaeological materials from Switzerland, Ancient Greece and Roman colones
  726. Russian architecture
    This site deals with the history of Russian architecture, modern design and construction projects. It is adressed to architects, art-critics and those, who are interested in Russian culture
  727. American Museum of Natural History
  728. The "Pushkinskaya-10" Art- Center
    The story of The St Petersburg “Pushkinskaya-10? Art Centre began in 1989 when a group of independent artists, musicians and others in the arts occupied a condemned building on Pushkinskaya Street. With the goal in mind of establishing a contemporary art centre, they developed the concept and registered their project as a non-governmental, non-profit organization, now called The “Free Culture” Society. In the 17 years of its existence, the art center has developed its structure and organized numerous cultural events in Russia and abroad
  729. The Kroller-Muller Museum
  730. Museum of the History of Yaroslavl
    The information in the site is presented in the following order: General information (the description of the building in short); News (the page regularly updating - some facts concerning exhibitions and the other actions of the museum); Exposition (layout of the exposition rooms and the historical information about each of the room separately); Collections (block of the information concerning the main museum collections); Photo album (pictures of the most interesting things); Contacts, Working hours and the pricelist; Extra services (taking photo, video, copying and consulting)
  731. Ilya Glazunov
  732. Museum of Physics (Naples)
    The Physics Museum officially came into being in 1983 thanks to a number of researchers at the Physics Institute of the Federico II University of Naples. An inventory of the collection was carried out in 1983 and catalogues were drawn up in 1987.
    The Museum, temporarily housed at the Department of Physical Sciences is now located at 8, Via Mezzocannone, in the historical main building of the university
  733. Israel Museums
  734. Web Gallery of Art
    The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism periods (1000-1850), currently containing over 23.200 reproductions. Picture commentaries, artist biographies are available. Guided tours, period music, catalogue, free postcard and other services are provided
  735. The museum Rodin
    This website is the only official site on Rodin admitted by the museum Rodin of Paris. The museum Rodin is a national museum, an external service of the Direction des museum de France of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The content of any other site related to Rodin engages solely the responsibility of its author
  736. Alexander Palace
    This site, entirely in English, has a 'time machine' with which you can go on a tour of the Alexander Palace in St Petersburg, home to the Romanov family. As well as the tour, you can find plenty of detailed information about daily life at the palace, look through family photo albums, and find biographies. An excellent site for anyone planning a visit to the palace, or anyone interested in the Imperial family in general, including as it does links to other sites concerning the Romanov dynasty
  737. Heritage of Perm
    Heritage of Perm is the Internet project devoted to the issues of preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Perm krai. It also highlights other issues associated with this activity. Beside the information about the historical and cultural landmarks here one may also soon find the biographies of the famous citizens of Perm, learn about the new publications on local lore and find interesting information about the activity of local cultural institutions such as theatres, museums, libraries, as well as creative groups and individual artists
  738. Culture of the Pscov Land
    Pskov is one of the most interesting Russian cities. Its history and beauty are magnificent, its life is full of quiet dignity. Pskov is a city-state, a medieval republic of Veche (Popular Assembly), and an impregnable stronghold that anciently safeguarded the North-West-ern borders of our country. The waterway was a part of the great merchant route «From the Varangian to the Greek»
  739. Tver city museum-exhibition centre
    The extensive updated site of the Tver city museum-exhibition centre. On a site the detailed information for visitors is presented: the information on the centre, its exhibition and educational activity. To services of visitors of a site various search system, a calendar of forthcoming events, the detailed information on passing exhibitions
  740. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    The Minneapolis Institute of Arts houses more than 100,000 objects from diverse cultural traditions spanning 5,000 years of world history. It is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. One of the most interesting on the web-site is the part about collections which are "Africa, Oceania, and the Americas", "Asian Art", "Anciant art" and others
  741. Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
    The Museum founded in 1944, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is one of the nation's leading science museums. OMSI offers 219,000 square feet of brain-powered fun through hundreds of interactive exhibits and hands-on demonstrations. OMSI has five exhibit halls, eight science labs, a giant screen OMNIMAX Dome Theater, the most technologically advanced planetarium in the Pacific Northwest, and the USS Blueback submarine, the last fast-attack diesel-powered submarine built by the U.S. Navy
  742. Committee for Conservation (ICOM)
    ICOM is the international organization of museums and museum professionals which is committed to the conservation, continuation and communication to society of the world's natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible
  743. The Memorial House-Museum of N.A. Morozov
  744. Krapivna
  745. La Nuit Europeenne des Musees
  746. ICOM of Russia
  747. Virtual Museum of Russian Primitive
  748. Museum "Literature and Art. XXth century"
    The web-site of the museum “Literature. Art. XX century” is an informational recently developed resource. It tells not only about the museum itself but also about Vologda literature life in general. Visiting the site one can find information about poetry festivals, literature parties and clubs.
    The museum site contains verses and autographs, pictures of the Vologda poets and writers
  749. Russian writer I.S. Turgenev
    The site contains the biographic data on writer I.S.Turgenev, the information on his creativity. Free library of books of I.S.Turgenev. Photo gallery
  750. The literary-memorial museum of A.M. Gorky
  751. Dobrianskiy Museum of Historical and Regional Studies
  752. The Nikolay Khokhryakov's House-Museum
  753. Museum of Science, Boston
    In 1830, six men interested in natural history established the Boston Society of Natural History, an organization through which they could pursue their common scientific interests. Devoted to collecting and studying natural history specimens, the society displayed its collections in numerous temporary facilities until 1864, when it opened the New England Museum of Natural History at the corner of Berkeley and Boylston Streets in Boston's Back Bay. That museum is now known worldwide as the Museum of Science
  754. Sosnovoborsky Contemporary Art Museum
  755. The State Literaturiche Museum by Ivan S. Turgenev
    The museum is devolted to the great rissian writer I.S. Turgenev and other writers. They werborn, lived and worked in Orel province (I.A. Bunin, N.S. Leskov, L.N. Andreyev, T.N. Granovskiy, D.I. Pisarev, M.M. Prishvin, A.A. Fett, I.A. Novikov, B.K. Zaytsev)
  756. Omsk Region and Siberia Museums
  757. Vladivostok Fortress
  758. Kirovsky Municipal Museum of History and Regional Studies
  759. KRASNIY DOM - private painting gallery
    "Krasniy Dom" is a private site and its owners have done their best to arrange here the place for convenient exhibiting of modern artists' paintings which the owners consider to be interesting. This painting gallery is non commercial project, we neither sale paintings nor form any art union or organisation.
    Our house is painted red and named "Krasniy" which meant in old Russian both "red" and "beautiful", and it defines our eagerness to maintain here the territory of beauty.
    We do hope that this project will please art lovers with emerging of new talents and give young and / or not well known yet artists extra possibility to show their art
  760. All-Russian Historical-Ethnography Museum
  761. Memorial House-Museum of Leonid V. Sobinov
  762. Holuyskiy Art Museum
  763. Florida Museum of Natural History
    You'll enjoy this web-site where you can find everything you want to know about the Florida Museum of Natural History. On the web-site - photo-gallery, museum collections databases, virtual exhibitions, current events and many others
  764. Cosmic Samara
    Museum web-page has very simple and functional navigation: Museum News, Temporary exhibitions, Info for visitors and Museum collection
  765. Tula Regional Exotarium
    Exotarium was founded in 1987, and at present it has the largest in the world collection of snakes. The world reputation and recognition Exotarium received because of numerous cases of receiving of offspring from the most rare species of animals many of which are little-known.
    The web-site tells about the history of Exotarium, its animals, achievements and perspectives of development, different programs, including International ones, as well as about the actual news and events. Also on the web-site you can put questions to specialists and write your comments
  766. Museum.com
    Museum portal where you can find information about museums all over the world - more than 3 500 ones. Last news, events and exebitions. Very comfortable search system
  767. G.V. Chicherin House-Museum
  768. The Emperor Nicholas II Autograph Museum (Russia)
    The Emperor Nicholas II Autograph Museum, being an exclusive museum of the kind in the world, was founded in U.S.S.R. (Russia) at the end of the 20th century. The Museum collects and studies specimens of handwritings of world celebrities of the past and the present. The Emperor Nicholas II Autograph Museum is a unique graphological data bank, reflecting real rather than imaginary characters of people (for handwriting, as well as eyes, is an index of the heart), who were able to exert significant influence on political and cultural destinies of mankind
  769. Krokin Gallery
  770. Mucha Museum Prague
    The world's first Mucha Museum, dedicated to the life and work of the world-acclaimed Czech ART NOUVEAU artist Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), is housed in the Baroque Kaunicky Palace in the very heart of Prague.
    A selection of over 100 exhibits comprising paintings, photographs, charcoal drawings, pastels, lithographs and personal memorabilia provides a privileged view into the universe of the artist who is most widely known for the posters he executed for Sarah Bernhardt in the fashionable world of fin-de-siecle Paris
  771. Memorial Laboratory of Ye.K. Zavoisky
  772. Pushchino Museum of Ecology and Local Studies
  773. Vassily Nesterenko

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