Ivan Simolin
Baron, Russian diplomat

In 1743 he began to work in the Foreign Affaires Board, in 1744-1757 - he was the secretary of the embassy in Denmark, in 1757 he was sent on the same post in Austria. In 1758-1773 - minister - resident at German Imperial Seym in Regenbourg (Bavaria). In 1773-1774 - the envoy in Denmark. From 1774 - the extraordinary envoy in Sweden, when in 1779 he was nominated the Minister Plenipotentiary in England. In 1785 he was appointed as the ambassador to France, where he had negotiations that completed by signing the Russian-French treaty for trade and navigation (1787). In 1792 due to the Great French revolution he was recalled from Paris with preserving the rank of the ambassador to France and was behasted to be at Foreign Board, being simultaneously the president of Justice Board of lifliyandskij, estliyanskij and finnish affaires. The next years he has been Russian diplomatic agent at the troops of the anti-French coalition in Belgium and Germany.

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