RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS IN PARIS (1791-1815). To the table of contents of the section

The last ambassador of Russia to France at the court yard of the king Luis XVI in the rank of the Minister Plenipotentiary was count Simolin Ivan Matveevich(1720-1799). He was recalled by the order of the empress Catherine II from December 5, 1791 due to the revolution in France. The chef of the mission became the charge d'affaires, a councillor of the embassy Novikov M. S. However already on April 11, 1792 he was ordered to move with archives of the embassy to the Hague. Then was a breakup of the diplomatic relations between Russia and France which proceeded till 1801. In February, 1793 the Empress Catherine II denounced the bilateral trade agreement of 1787 and French ships were prohibited to enter into the Russian ports.

After the defeat of the Second antiFrench coalition in which Russia took part (1798-1799) the full privy councillor, vice-chancellor Kolichev Stepan Alexeeevich(1746-1805) has arrived with special mission in France on March 13, 1801. But already September 29, 1801 he has left home, and his place was taken by the Minister Plenipotentiary Morkov Arcadiy Ivanovich(1747-1824). On October 8, 1801 in Paris he signed a Treaty about peace, friendship and consent between Russia and France.

In 1803 Peter Yakovlevich Ubri(1775-1847) was appointed another charge d'affaires of Russia to France. On August 28, 1804 he presented a note to the French Foreign Ministry about the breakup of diplomatic relations between two countries and on September 20, 1804 went away from Paris.

In 1805-1807, when Russia participated in the III and IV antiFrench coalitions, there were not diplomatic relations between Russia and France.

In June, 1807 the famous Tilzits meeting of two emperors resulted by signing on July 7 the agreement for peace and friendship between Russia and France. In 1807-1808 the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador of Russia to France was count, general - lieutenant Peter Alexandrovich Tolstoy(1769-1844). On October 27, 1808 in German city Erfurt the second and last meeting of the emperors took place. It is known as Erfurt meeting. The same year Tolstoy was replaced by prince Alexander Borisovich Kyrakin.Besides, in the period from October 14 till February 10, 1809 the Russian Foreign minister Nickolai Petrovich Rumyantsev was with special mission in Paris.

By message of Russian Ministry of foreign affaires from June 10, 1812 the embassy of Russia was recalled from France. The breakup of diplomatic relations between two countries has been prolonged till 1814.

On March 31, 1814 the emperor Alexander I has driven solemnly in Paris at the head of allied troops. In May, 30 the signing of the first Parisian agreement took place. From April 5, 1814 and till February 17, 1821 the Extraordinary envoy of Russia to France was count Carl Osipovich Pozzo di Borgo(1764-1842).

In 1815 during Hundred Days of Napoleon in power (March - June) the other breakup of the diplomatic relations between two countries took place. After the defeat of the French army at Waterloo (June 18, 1815) the east departments of France had been occupied by 250 thousand Russian troops, and Pozzo di Borgo returned to his responsibilities. He stayed on this post till January 5, 1835 (from on February 17, 1821 in the rank Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassador).

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